What impact will Video have on your sales and marketing?

Video is quickly becoming THE platform of the Web. Whether it’s to catch up on your latest television shows, share a funny YouTube clip that seems to be making the rounds, or viewing a webinar, video is where it’s at. Part of this trend is that video is becoming increasingly prevalent in online sales as well.

The player from Forzieri.com's "Smart Video Gallery"

The player from Forzieri.com's "Smart Video Gallery"

Online videos boost conversions

Studies show significant increases in online sales for retailers that incorporate video as part of their product presentations. ReelSEO have compiled a formidable list of resources explaining online videos’ effect on search engine placement and video has the obvious direct impact on retail performance. Our case studies show Ice.com, a web-only jewelry retailer, experienced a 40% rise in conversion rates on products highlighted in online videos, while Forzieri.com, an online vendor of luxury fashion accessories, experienced a 100%-300% increase in sales on products featuring video presentations.

How does online video impact conversions and sales?

Video is a multi-media platform that has the benefit of addressing two of your consumers’ senses simultaneously. As consumers get a better look at the product they intend to purchase, they hear narration explaining its features. Sights and sounds simultaneously combine to create a strong mental connection that enhances customer confidence. We’ve seen this enhanced confidence increase conversion rates for retailers selling everything from golf clubs to toasters. Onlinegolf noticed an 88% rise in their conversion rates on products that were accompanied by video. Sellpoint has found a 35% increase in sales after costumers had seen videos of the product.

Production options

Retailers interested in hopping on the video bandwagon are often familiar with only a single solution – creating or hiring out for their own custom production videos:

  • Custom Production Videos
    One of the reasons video is still relatively rare on e-commerce sites is because many retailers are daunted by the associated expenses and complications involved with custom production videos. Having to produce videos for an entire catalog of inventory is no small task. Retailers find themselves in the position of requiring script writers, camera men, producers, an acting cast and all the supporting personnel. Location scouting is in itself an issue. It’s easy to understand why creating video from scratch has such a high barrier to entry.

A second option for producing video that is less costly and complicated is, in our experience, beginning to gain traction with retailers seeing a swift entry into the world of video enhanced product pages:

  • Automated Video Platforms
    Automated video solutions transform XMLs of a vendors inventory into automated video presentations that can be left as is or enhanced further with narration. Our platform enables us to offer clients their entire inventory enhanced with videos like the one above within 24 hours from contact. All our clients do is supply us with their products’ images and data; Treepodia takes care of the rest. Check out the example below:

Auto-optimizing video for conversions

A further advantage of selecting our automated video platform is the our unique metrics module that automatically optimizes your video presentation by monitoring, detecting and prioritizing videos with high conversion rates. We’ve seen this module deliver convincing results not only for the vendors mentioned earlier but also from our other customers: Emjoi, drinkstuff, electricshopping.com, onlinegolf, eyebuy direct, Markenkoffer & Erhard Sport.

Video simply works

Within 24 hours you can begin enjoying increased sales with Treepodia generated product videos.
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