43.3% of eCommerce Sites To Add Video In 2009

We obviously think product videos are the way of the future for online retailers.
It seems however that we’re not alone…

Based on a survey published by InternetRetailer at the beginning of the year (2009), over forty percent of online retailers agree:

“…[The] survey finds that 43.3% of merchants will update their e-commerce sites with video this year, followed by 40% with personalized product recommendations, 36.7% with customer reviews and ratings, and 35% with product configuration tools…”

Video is #1 for 2009

Nothing cuter than a playmobil businessman

Nothing cuter than a Playmobil businessman

Ecommerce sites are constantly looking for new ways to improve customer experiences in order to increase sales. While site optimization was listed as the number one reason for a site redesign, video is the number one feature these sites are adding.

Video is now considered even more lucrative than personalized product recommendation systems and customer rating/reviews tools!

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According to the article adding video alone isn’t enough. According to the CEO of retail web site design firm Tellus customer reviews and videos mustn’t be placed haphazardly:

“Customer reviews and product videos need to be grouped along with the other text and images on a page in a way that gives the shopper all the information they need to make an informed buying decision. Some retailers think the review or the video by itself will generate a bigger sale, but that’s a misconception. These elements have to be part of a well-balanced design that pulls shoppers in, gives them multiple ways to see and explore merchandise and then makes it easy to complete the purchase.”

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As a leading provider of ecommerce video solutions we’re obviously very pleased with the results of this survey. We believe that the most significant contribution we offer to this industry above and beyond what is quickly becoming the common practice is the automated optimization of product videos that ensures the gradual but stable increase of conversions and sales.