Your Audience Loooooves Videos!

A recent article in Internet Retailer states that:

“62% of U.S. adult Internet users watch videos on YouTube and other video-sharing web sites.”

Youtube, ranked by Alexa as the 4th most popular destination on the web and the 2nd most popular search engine, has recently announced it’s serving more than a billion views per day. A BILLION!

Check out the cool welcome clip Youtube offers newcomers:

What are the implications?


  • People are getting used to watching online video.
  • People have come to not only enjoy online video, but to trust it as a medium.

Or In the words of Chad Hurley, CEO and Co-founder of YouTube:

“Clip culture is here to stay:
Short clips are voraciously consumed and perfect for watching a wide variety of content.”

What does this mean for ecommerce?

These high levels of acceptance and adoption are making video a de-facto must-have for eCommerce sites that wish to remain relevant in the online environment.

Quoting Internet Retailer again:

“Online video has emerged as a key component of successful online retailing that can not only engage consumers and lead to sales, but build store traffic and reduce customer service calls.”

The article gives examples of high-end, full productions videos such as Sears has done for back-to-school season with Disney star Selena Gomez but also delineates how different types of product videos, for different budgets, have proven effective for all level retailers.

…But video isn’t only for “the big boys”

You don’t need to be a mega store like Sears with a mega star like Gomez to see results from the addition of video.

A case in favor is EyeBuyDirect, One of the webs foremost suppliers of eyewear and a longtime Treepodia client, whose CEO Roy Hessel reports having:

“an overall 30% increase in product page conversion rates” with the addition of online videos.

How about you?

With videos impact on ecommerce  and social media kpis so blatantly obvious it’s time to ask yourself what are you waiting for?