Some Comments About Automated Video

I try to follow the Video Commerce Consortium blog by Justin Foster on a regular basis. The content is usually pretty solid, if a tad biased due to Foster‘s involvement in the industry (he’s co founder of Liveclicker). Recently Foster published the following video:

After watching the clip I felt some points Justin made regarding automated video warranted commenting:

Automated Video is a Scalable Solution

Auto video is being adopted eagerly by some of the largest online vendors on the web for the simple reason that their product turnover, variety of stock, and rate of inventory changes, makes it, for all practical purposes, impossible for them to cover their range with any other video solution.

Automated Product Videos are an Effective Solution

Interestingly, because we at Treepodia have had the opportunity to work with quite a few top-500 ecommerce sites, we’ve been able to crunch significant amounts of data and test how automated videos affect conversions. What we’ve found is that automated videos rival, and at times beat, production videos in terms of their ROI and the vendors’ bottom-line. I realize, given that this is the Treepodia blog, you might view this fact with skepticism, but you needn’t take my word for it. The web is full of statements by satisfied auto-video clients (our own & others) that back up my claim. Here’s an example from an article on InternetRetailer quoting Roy Hessel, Eyebuydirect’s flamboyant founder & CEO:

“…is finding it pays to present & test different formats, says founder and CEO Roy Hessel.
Since launching online videos earlier this year…the retailer has experienced an overall 30% increase in product page conversion rates”

For the record, Hessel’s ecommerce savvy has gotten him interviewed on Fox News…

Automated Product Videos are cost effective & fairly priced

Low production costs allow auto-video providers to be creative with their pricing models. Our own pricing is based on the PPC model pioneered by Google’s Adwords. We let our clients “Pay-Per-View”. You start your account, make an initial deposit, and pay us only when your visitors actually click to view a video. Clear, fair, easy to understand, and above all MEASURABLE!