Why ignoring video is costing you money

Despite the fact this a “Company Blog” I usually try to keep our posts focused on tips, hints and news about ecommerce videos and related issues. Since launching the blog about a month ago we’ve listed tips for using video to increase holiday season sales, debated how to measure the ROI of Social Media, listed video slideshow tools anyone can use for free and covered a whole bunch of similar topics. What I’ve avoided doing is blowing our own horn – I prefer having others sing our praises, and over the past week it seems this is exactly what’s happening…

Not adding video to your site is like Burning Money | Image credit: purpleslog

Not adding video to your site is like Burning Money | Image credit: purpleslog

Electronics retailer sees conversions leap with automated videos

A week ago InternetRetailing’s Sarah Clark posted a story about the experiences ElectricShopping has had with ourecommerce video solution. Sarah reports:

Electric Shopping has added Treepodia’s automated product videos to its site and has seen a growth in conversions of an average of 75% among shoppers who watch the videos compared with those who don’t, with increases peaking at 200% for some products.”

Sarah’s interviewed Electric Shopping’s CEO Rob Levy about his team’s experiences with video prior to using our solution:

“Previously we had videos for a very small percentage of our product catalogue because we simply couldn’t produce them quickly enough. On top of that, we had no way to measure their performance so we had no idea what benefit, if any, they provided our business.”

Rob’s final quote in Sarah’s article is the type of feedback we enjoy hearing the most:

“Because of the A/B testing and performance metrics Treepodia supplies, we can now see how many times someone looks at a particular product page, whether they viewed the video, and whether they purchased — and we definitely see a higher conversion rate among those visitors who watch the videos

Not a week went by since Sarah published her story and we received permission from another client to list their experiences in our latest press release:

Sales on BedBathStore.com rise 69% with automated product videos

Yesterday our PR Nancy Hill published a press release based on the permission we got from Mike Reichman, COO of BedBathStore.com, to quote their case study as part of our publicity. In the release Reichman speaks of the impact our solution has had on BedBathStore’s sales:

“In just two months after we began using Treepodia’s automated online product video platform, our e-commerce sales of products that include video rose 69%. In addition, customer conversion was up as much as 300% among those who viewed the product videos.”

Reichman goes on to explain that his team elected to use our solution because:

It was the only alternative we found that could cover hundreds of items quickly and with relatively low cost, and that also provided ongoing measurement and optimization”


I don’t use this blog to tell you how wonderful we are because with posts like the ones I quoted above readily available online, I don’t really need to.

The question you need to ask yourself right about now is why you haven’t added videos to your product listings yet, and whether you can really afford to leave the revenue these will provide you unclaimed. Our pay-per-view ecommerce video solution can be up and running on your site by this time tomorrow.

What are you waiting for?

Contact us for details now… 🙂


A few days after posting this I was notified that Shaun Ryan of SLI Systems did an interview with Treepodia client Lee Brown of Online Golf. During the interview Lee shares that people who view a video on their site are 85% more likely to buy than people who don’t. In Shaun’s words:

This is one of the strongest endorsements for online video I’ve ever seen

The original post on the SLI Systems blog is here: http://www.sli-systems.com/blog/2009/10/viewing-videos-increases-sales.html