Gain Your Shoppers’ Trust with Video

Would you trust this person?

Would you trust this person?

One of my rules of thumb in dealing with people is never trust someone who says “trust me.”
No one trust-worthy I know ever uses this turn of phrase and I’ve heard it uttered by highly untrustworthy individuals far too often. It’s like the mating call of the sleazy salesperson.

What do I trust?

I believe actions speak louder than words. If you’re trust-worthy, I’ll figure it out for myself as your actions (or lack thereof) will sooner or later prove your actual worth. Somehow I doubt that I’m the only person who feels this way.

It’s not just people I validate this way, I subject products and services to a similar acid test – don’t tell me how marvelous you are. Show me!

Don’t get me wrong, I want to trust sales people, service people, and my new MP3, but I want them to earn that trust. Prove to me you’re what you claim to be and I’m yours.

Video – the trustmaker

Video’s has be proven to be great at building trust.

As a recent article published by Mark Robertson in his blog pointed out, the mere presence of video on an ecommerce website increases sales because video increases shoppers’ trust in your store and your products.

The article outlines how the mere presence of video on your product pages has a positive effect on overall sales, regardless of whether your shoppers watch the videos or not.

This isn’t only because video is great for demonstrating a given product, but also because video has been proven to be an effective tool for establishing consumer confidence and trust. Here’s how

  1. Adding videos of your products means you trust them enough to show it in full multi-dimensional format.
  2. You’re committed to  giving your customers the best user experience possible.
  3. It makes your site seem more reliable which in turn increases consumer confidence.

Or, as one respondent to Mark’s article succinctly commented:

“Video implies investment, of thought, time, and money. It’s a marker of how important quality of content is to your offering. That notion drives consumer response in a very profound way.”

I recently came across another article from Flumtion, a streaming software company founded by a group of open source developers and multimedia experts, that described the ways in which streaming video can increase ecommerce sales.

Number one?
Trust, of course, but with a slightly different spin:

“[S]poken statements are stronger than any written text or image, which supports product claims effectively. Video also adds a human element, creating an inviting and relaxing environment that creates trust for the customer.”

The bottom line

My conclusion from all the above is that video helps you gain your shoppers’ trust, but don’t trust my word on it, test and see for yourselves…


Writing this I couldn’t help remembering Monthy Python’s calssic “Dead Parrot Sketch”. I’ve always felt it epitomizes the absolute worst one could possibly encounter as far as trust in commerce goes. Enjoy…

Image credit: rick