Mother Knows Best… and chances are she watched a product video before her last purchase

Once upon a time in the 50s, when TV was in its infancy and advertising was a slide at the beginning of the show, a show was aired called “Father Knows Best“.

Although the show achieved icon status, and is rumored to be undergoing a Hollywood adaptation these days, we all know that it’s in fact it’s Moms who know best…

Moms – the Online Product Super Sleuths

With the economy being what it is, and increasing amounts of product information coming online daily, moms are making it their business to find out everything there is to know about the products their families intend to purchase.

In the super-competitive baby business recent years have seen a proliferation of sites dedicated to this very “pastime”, including a plethora of mommy-perspective blogs and review sites that share insights about new products, second hand products, and everything in between.

Consumer Reviews are Purchasing Catalysts

Product ratings and consumer reviews are extremely popular, and seen as a reliable source of information across the spectrum of consumers. Mothers of young children often see them as the definitive catalyst for making a purchasing decision. Today’s parents want answers not only regarding the product’s features and price, but also about its quality, safety, and overall customer satisfaction.

Or, as a recent eMarketer article put it “Moms Place Trust in Other Consumers.” So much so that the article states:

“[o]nline moms doing product research put their faith in descriptions from consumers nearly 12 times more.”

Most Moms Are Already Watching Product Review Videos

According to eMarketer’s article video has come to take a dominant position in swaying mothers’ decision making processes:

“Nearly 64% of respondents had watched a user-generated video review, and more than three-quarters of that group said it helped them make a purchase decision—either for or against a product or brand.”

There are two important points to note here:

  1. It reiterates our recent post regarding the Treepodia Video Distributor and the need to have your products available everywhere customers are searching. In other words, for full coverage, you need to make sure your products come up in a search on any one of the major video portals.
  2. It reinforces the reliability factor that video helps you attain. For example, one of our clients,, recognizing the fact that today’s parents conduct their research online, decided to add product videos to their entire line of children’s products. The results speak for themselves, with a 69% increase in sales of products that include video, an increase in product page engagement, and an overall growth in organic search traffic.

You don’t need mama to explain this one any further – product videos are another great way to reach today’s purchasing parents.