Video Distributor – Harnessing Off-Site Videos’ Power

For some time now our development team has been hard at work on perfecting a system that enables etailers to capitalize on the advantages presented by mass distribution of videos to dedicated video sites. Earlier this week we finally launched our new Video Distributor service which we feel makes an important addition to our offering of low effort, high return, automated ecommerce video solutions.

What is it?

Video Distributor is an automated, scalable and inexpensive service for ecommerce vendors that’s capable of rapidly uploading all a vendor’s product videos to YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe, Dailymotion and other video sites. One of Video Distributor’s mot important features is that it allows vendors to link to specific product pages on their site from the videos uploaded thus generating “deep links” to the vendor’s site.

How can it be used?

We’re offering Video Distributor both as a stand-alone service package and as an add-on service for our Smart Video Platform.

Video Distributor increases visibility and improves search rankings

Video Distributor ensures product videos are viewed by as many customers as possible across multiple video distribution sites and improves search rankings for our customers’ products. Here’s how it works:

People watch videos primarily on video sites

The past few years have seen video emerge as the most popular online medium. So much so that Youtube is today the world’s second most popular search engine! Google and Yahoo have been aware of this trend for years and actively promote it by offering video search explicitly.

The huge availability of video content encourages us to search for video content for all our queries, including any pre-purchase product research we’re engaged in. The thing is that we all tend to watch video primarily on the major dedicated video sites. This means that vendors neglecting to make their videos available on these sites are missing out on an increasingly popular exposure opportunity.

Here at Treepodia we were eager to find a way to help our customers capitalize on this traffic and Video Distributor is how we did it. Because it automatically uploads vendors’ videos to all the major sites the vendors needn’t worry they’re missing out on the action any longer.

Using video linkage to boost SEO

Search Engine Optimization has always been, and still remains to a great extent, dependent on link building – the creation of high quality relevant off-site links leading back to the site’s pages. From an SEO perspective well ranked videos located off-site on dedicated video sites (those that don’t classify their outgoing links as “no follow“) and deep-linked back to a particular page on the vendor’s website, are a very desirable proposition. Our new Video Distributor provides this as a service for every video on your site and the SEO results have already been tested and proven:

Video Distributor secured a top Google ranking for for its “Morphy Richards smoothie maker” while for the platform secured a top Youtube result for the query “Kenwood Robot Chef“. Our longtime client Mr. Shmuel Gniwisch, the CEO of top jewelry sites and, was kind enough to particiapte in the pilot phase of Video Distributor and has provided us with the following testimonial:

“We’re thrilled with the results we’ve seen using Video Distributor…Our organic search rankings are much higher now that our product videos are available on the major video sharing sites, and we’re experiencing an increase in traffic to our site in part due to customers linking directly to product pages from and other video sharing sites. Searching for white gold solitaire earrings already brings up our video ( first”

For more details about Video Distributor, the Smart Video Platform, or any of our other services please feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to help…