“Webside Chats” – An interview with Dr. Melody King

Dr. Melody King - Our VP for Sales & Marketing

Dr. Melody King - Our VP for Sales & Marketing

On March 5th, our very own VP of Sales and Marketing, Dr. Melody King was interviewed on Webside Chats.

Webside Chats, in case you aren’t familiar with the site, is produced by Jack Humphrey: “who’s sole purpose is to track down the leading experts in internet marketing, blogging, SEO, and branding and pump them for insider information for the benefit of new to advanced marketers”.

Although of course we have a particularly soft spot for video, we appreciate all mediums for communicating our message, and it was an honor to be hosted in this audio format.

Automated Video is always impressive

In case you didn’t catch the Treepodia interview just yet, to summarize, Jack and Melody discussed the growing importance of video online in general, and on retail sites in particular.

Melody went on to describe the Treepodia platform and how it uses retailer’s existing marketing materials to automatically generate product videos in a time-effective and cost-effective manner, thereby removing all barriers to adding video to any retailer’s site.

Throughout the conversation, Jack was particularly impressed by this automated process, and the ease of installation (adding just a couple of lines to code, once, to the retailer’s site). But the thing he seemed most enthusiastic about was the type of relationship Treepodia builds with its retailers in offering long-term service with continual video version A/B testing.

85% Increases to Conversion Rates…

Other things that were discussed include the details behind how we do automated voice-overs, some stats on conversion rates (starting at an 85% increase), and practical examples of the difference different video versions can make to your bottom-line.

We recommend that you listen to the interview in its entirety for a great summary of all that the Treepodia smart video platform can do for your online store. If you have any questions or comments, you are always free to contact us.