New Partnership with UK based “M.A.D. Productions”

MAD Productions

MAD Productions

Beyond expanding our own offering, we’re always on the look out for good strategic relationships, and partnering with M.A.D. Productions is exactly that.

Proud to have M.A.D. as our U.K ecommerce partner

M.A.D., for those of you unfamiliar with the company, is one of the top UK based e-commerce companies, particularly in the realm of SEO. Much like us at Treepodia, they service online retail sites of different sizes across multiple verticals. And much like us, they’re extremely focused on, and successful at generating ROI. So much so that they are responsible for producing over £125 million in online sales for their clients – that’s a lot of returns!

“We met through a mutual friend…”

The relationship between Treepodia and M.A.D. came about as many successful relationships do, through a mutual friend, or in this case a mutual client,

Onlinegolf is one of our oldest clients having been with us from the full production video stage back in 2008. In 2009 they moved to the automated videos of the smart video platform to more (cost) effectively showcase their entire product line, and ultimately increase conversion rates.

The positive effects were felt immediately (and continue to this day), with an 85% increase in conversion rate for people viewing video.

“Mutual Benefit kept us together…”

Based on these results and the recommendation of the client, both Treepodia and M.A.D. recognized the mutual benefits of their services – to help online retailers increase sales. With that, the partnership was formed.

In the words of Simon Peirson, our UK Director:

“As both Treepodia and M.A.D. are strong forces in the world of e-commerce, providing different services with a similar end-goal (i.e. bringing more business to our clients), this is an obvious strategic partnership that benefits all parties involved.”

Most of all it will benefit each company’s clients who will continue to see ROI based results and an increase in their online store’s profitability.

For more information about the Treepodia smart video platform, or to propose a strategic partnership, feel free to contact us now..