Why Being a Control Freak is the Key to Making Money

Being a control freak - it's not necessarily a bad thing...

Being a control freak - it's not necessarily a bad thing...

I’m not entirely sure why the words “Control” and “Freak” are so often put together – as if there’s something bad or unnatural about wanting to control things. Being in control of your actions always seems to me to be a positive trait. Isn’t it?

Knowing your past actions’ impact is the key for assessing your future plans

If we consider that being aware of the impact of one’s past actions is crucial to predicting what impact one’s future actions will have, it becomes quite obvious why there’s great value in having the ability to gauge this impact as accurately as possible. This simple truism is in many respects the foundation for the entire industry of web based analytics driven marketing, and the logic driving its growth. Companies are founded, funded and flourishing based on their ability to provide accurate, actionable data which retailers can use and manipulate in order to improve their sales and bolster their bottom line. Here at Treepodia we’ve always viewed providing accurate and actionable metrics as one of the most important guidelines for the development of our applications and that’s why it gives me great pleasure to announce the launch of the newest member of our metrics driven video based marketing tools.

Control Group Measurement for Video

The latest enhancement to the Treepodia smart video platform, is our Control Group Measurement Tool.

This new tool accurately measures the impact of product videos on sales and conversions by comparing the behavior of site visitors who have been exposed to video to the behavior of site visitors who have not been exposed to video.

Get a precise picture of the impact your product videos have on your sales

In other words, by using a control group of those who do not have the option to see video, the Control Group Measurement Tool is able to accurately assess the precise impact of the presence of video on your shoppers. Essentially, what this does is give you (online retailers) an accurate view of how site visitors are responding to the presence of product videos on your site, and we’ve already established the fact that the more data you have at your disposal regarding your past actions, the better equipped you to make informed decisions regarding your future…

Conversions for video-enabled product page are consistently higher

So far, the findings have been astounding, with the conversion rate for those presented with video always coming out substantially higher than among visitors who were not presented with the option to watch video. And, what’s even more interesting is the fact that conversion rates are higher when the option to watch videos is presented to site visitors whether or not the video is watched. In other words, the mere option to watch product videos already increases conversion rates – further proof that product videos work wonders for your online business.

As our own VP of Marketing Melody King said:

“This speaks loudly to the value product videos bring to an online business in demonstrating credibility and trustworthiness.”

For more information on the Control Group Measurement Tool or the smart video platform, contact us now.

Image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ach-squared/3325230784