Can You WOWAH a Viral Video?

The WOW factor

The WOW factor

Another guest post from Ben Powell online marketing tutor at

What Is A Viral Video?

Funnily definitions for viral video don’t abound online as you might expect. The one I found was a tad dry for my taste so I suggest this focused one instead:

“A viral video is the Youtube video all your friends share on Facebook with the subject line “Funniest thing ever!”

Sure, a wider definition exists, but if you make it big on either of these platforms – you’ve done well for yourself…

Viral videos are a phenomenon – Short videos that get millions of views on may different websites around the world and yet have no advertising or marketing to promote them, and no Hollywood star acting.

How on earth do they spread?

They all have one or more ingredient of what I call:

The WOWAH formula

What is the WOWAH formula?

let me explain… in video form…

W is for WOW

These are the videos that depict someone or something so amazingly awesome and fantastic that you have to exclaim”

“WOW, How Did They Do That?!?”

This video has had over 4 million views and was if you can watch very carefully its an ingenious advertisement for Ray ban sunglasses! (Highly recommended! Check their other videos as well). In my opinion one of the best online and social media marketing campaigns I’ve seen to date. That said I personally think the brand shot was so brief it missed the point a little…

Another site that fits nicely into this factor is Swedish Hero.

Its WOW is about the fantastic technology used to create it. Again a brilliant online marketing campaign that uses the power of sharing to its full advantage.

O is for OMGLOL!!!

These are the ones that usually get the highest hits and are so funny you can’t help but laugh and share on your social networks!

This was a fantastic social media campaign from “Old Spice”. It got over 16 million views and spawned a whole meme culture. The best quote for me:

“I’m on a horse”

You’ll understand after you watch the clip!

W is for WHAT?

Videos of this category are those that make you exclaim:

“What on earth was that person thinking?!?”

Amazing, but difficult to use for business. If you’re really smart and lucky you  just might be a hit…

17 million views and counting. I’m pretty sure it changed this kid’s life…

A fast thinking Toy Manufacturer Marketing Manager should have offered that kid a sponsorship deal!

“When defending myself from hoards of imaginary storm troopers I use the (insert brand name here) Light Saber”

…cut to kid doing thumbs up.
I’m sure you get my drift…

A is for AWWWWW…

Anything with Pandas, Kittens, Puppies or Babies is a sure fire winner.

That’s so sickeningly cute I think I’m going to die. 71 million views.

Its is hard to manufacture this sort of video however Evian water did a pretty good job, of course they used a budget the size of Sudan’s GDP, but they did take almost all the essential factors into account.

25 million views.
Evian also followed up with some great off line marketing as well, I really want one of these t’s!

and finally

H is for Hmmm…

These are the ones that do the more professional circles, the nicely produced info graphics that tell us some astounding facts and figures about whatever industry that we may be in..

So if you’re thinking about creating a viral video for your business or for fun take these factors into account and you just might have something.

The one last take away factor that you must remember is

Take it easy and send it to your friends

Let them judge if you hit the magic WOW formula before the rest of the world…