It never rains, but it pours – Weekly news roundup

This week saw some interesting developments for us that I’d like to share with you all

Treepodia Asia

We've expanded into South East Asia!

We've expanded into South East Asia!

I’m  glad to announce that we’re expanding & as of this week we have an official representative in South East Asia based in Bangkok – Me!   I’d love to meetup with Asian companies, businesses & individuals in the online commerce space to see how we might collaborate & work together. Catch me via email at or via the telephone at +66-(0)8-2441-8150

On to other news…

I was pleasantly surprised by two new articles mentioning us. Both stories were published as press releases by their authors to & came to my attention via my Google Alerts, yet another validation for how useful this nifty tool is for keeping track of media references to one’s brand & interests. Interestingly both stories were published on Thursday – as they say: “It never rains, but it pours“.

Premier Game Tables to use Treepodia Product Video Platform

Premiere Game Tables have chosen us to provide their site with product videos

Premiere Game Tables have chosen us to provide their site with product videos

The first PR, published by Kirk Mathews of, relates how Premier Game Tables has chosen to partner with us in order to add video content to their product pages:

“…The partnership will allow Premiere Game Tables to showcase their pool tables, foosball tables, ping pong tables and pool cue to their ever growing customer base…it’s expected that visitors to Premiere Game Tables’ website will experience an innovative way of experiencing the product catalog…”

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Finn Media quotes our CEO on Product Video benefits

Denis Finnegan of Finn Media published a PR extolling the virtues of Video for online marketing & was kind enough to include a quote from our CEO Tal Rubenczyk for reference:

“…While all the marketing talk at the moment seems to be on social media and creating a online relationship with clients, people are forgetting to discuss turning online vistors to sales. Why not use a marketing video to showcase your products and services…”

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That wraps up this week’s update. Check us out next weekend for more…



Image Credit: Bangkok Skyline