Are Your Site’s Videos Hidden From Google?

Are Your Site's Videos Hidden From Google?

Are Your Site's Videos Hidden From Google?

If you have video content on your site & you’re not actively exposing it to the Google, you might find your video investment is not doing all it can for you.

Exposing your videos to the major search engines is an effective, almost immediate way to boost your SEO efforts. That’s because all of the search engines place a higher value on pages with video content, and grant video results a guaranteed slot at the top of search results. Your video content is an opportunity to “cut to the head of the line” of the search results because usually the amount of video results competing for your keywords is only a fraction of what exists in total.

Why you should actively submit your video content

While it’s true Google crawls your site on a regular basis, that doesn’t mean your video content is being picked up in an efficient manner. You need to do your part to stay ahead.

How to test if your video content is picked up by Google

To determine how you’re site’s doing today, you can easily assess your current video indexing status in Google Video by typing: “” (replace with your site’s URL)  into the search box (see the example in the image at the top of this post). If the number of results you receive is less than the number of videos on your site, you have your answer – some of your content is not being picked up by the search engine.

Luckily for you we have a solution for you:

Treepodia’s Dynamic Video Sitemap Service

Our Dynamic Video Sitemap is automatically generated for all your product videos, so that you can effectively feed descriptive information about your video content, such as video title, description, location, duration and more, to the major search engines, which in turn makes it easier for end-users to find what they’re looking for and come to your site to get it

Like the videos we create, the Dynamic Video Sitemap is also updated automatically so that all new video content, including new products and updates of your existing videos, is always transparent to the search engines. Read on after the break to learn just how effective our Dynamic Video Sitemap is. Google Video Search results Google Video presence after submission by our Dynamic Video Sitemap

Our Dynamic Video Sitemap is a fantastically effective service, as witnessed by our client OnlineGolf:

Within 24 hours of implementing the Dynamic Video Sitemap they went from zero video results in Google Video to 1,560 video results (i.e. their entire product catalog).

Thanks to our Dynamic Video Sitemap Online Golf leaped from zero Google Video visibility to full coverage of their 1,560 product catalog videos in 24 hours

Want Google to find your videos too?

Contact us and we’ll make this happen.