How to add Product Videos to your Ecommerce site for less than a Dime

Adding product videos to your ecommerce site
has never been so simple or inexpensive!

"Product Video for a Dime? NO WAY!!!"

"Product Video for a Dime? NO WAY!!!"

Now, with our new “Essential Package”, you can cover up to 1,500 items in your product catalog with high-converting, dynamic videos for just $149. That’s less than $0.10 per video! Can you even think of anything else you can buy with a dime?

If you’re an online retailer looking for a cost-effective way to start implementing video on your site, then the Treepodia Essential Package is perfect for you.

Creating Ecommerce Video for less than it costs to host them

This introductory package includes the creation, hosting and streaming of up to 1,500 videos, as well as advanced, easy-to-use video analytics to measure and improve each video’s performance. All of these services are included in the $149 monthly fee. In other words, you get an entire video platform with all the essential elements for less than you’d pay many vendors for the hosting service alone.

Cover Your full catalog with high CVR Product Videos in HOURS

Plus, implementation is quick. Within a matter of hours, from start to finish, your product videos are live on your site. All you have to do is follow a simple three step process and you’re done. In fact, integration is so simple that you can do it on your own (non-techies included), without ever having to contact us, at all. Talk about convenient!

Click “Play” on the following video to get a better idea of what Treepodia’s Ecommerce Video Platform will do for your site:

Treepodia - In under an hour you can boost your site with Ecommerce Video that GUARANTEES your ROI

Need more?

If you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated and/or robust (with more customization options or video versions per product), or your catalog is larger than 1,500 products, then we have other video packages to fit your needs including the Professional, Enterprise and Premium editions.

For more information on each of our video packages and what they include, you can visit
the Treepodia site or contact us today.


Image credit: orangeacid