Ecommerce Video ROI – a Case Study

If you’ve been following this blog for a while you’ll have noticed by now that ever so often I make a point of putting up a post dedicated exclusively to different aspects of ecommerce video ROI.

Today’s post is another one of those however, thanks to the kind cooperation and permission of our client Premiere Games Tables, this story goes beyond the usual aggregated stats, and gives a close and intimate perspective regarding the benefits this particular business reaped from having us add videos to it’s product pages.

Introducing Premiere Game Tables

Premier Game Tables
Premier Game Tables

But first a word of introduction is in order…

Since going live in 2009 Premiere Game Tables has quickly become the leading destination for those looking to create the ultimate game room. The site offers a truly impressive variety of pool, foosball, ping pong, air hockey and poker tables, not to mention a wide variety of dart boards and similar favorites. To cut a long story short – Premiere Game Tables is a one-stop-shop for creating your ultimate game room paradise.

Why did Premier Game Tables come to us?

Premiere Game Tables first approached us after the company’s president, Mr. Kirk Mathews, encountered our solution on another ecommerce site.

For Mathews there were two major reasons that Treepodia seemed like a good idea:

  1. As an online-only business selling relatively big ticket items he knew only too well that giving browsers a better of the products would have a positive impact on conversions. Premiere Game Tables has always offered browsers extensive photographic coverage of its products, but Mathews and his team felt the added dimensions of video would bring the product display to a whole knew level.
  2. Being online marketing experts, Premiere Game Tables’ managers were also aware of video’s important Search Engine Optimization value.

Eventually what helped seal the deal, according to Mathews, was:

”…The turn-key aspect of creating high-quality videos for our entire product catalog so quickly, using existing images and content was particularly attractive. Also their ability to host data and continually update the videos was a major selling point…”

What Ecommerce Video solutions did we provide?

We began working with Kirk and the Premiere Game Tables team half a year ago, in August of 2010. Initially the site integrated our Smart Video Platform, and shortly afterwards the team opted to add on our Dynamic Video Sitemap service.

What ROI did Ecommerce Videos provide?

Ecommerce Videos triple conversion rates for shoppers that viewed them. THAT'S ROI!

Ecommerce Videos triple conversion rates for shoppers that viewed them. THAT’S ROI!

Since integrating Treepodia’s automated smart video platform Premiere Game Tables has seen a significant jump in CVR (conversion rates). As the graph above show CVR has gone from 1.2% to 4% when a product video has been watched

Morevoer the addition of our Dynamic Video Sitemap service has ensured that all the site’s videos are indexed by Google leading to a massive increase in targeted SEO traffic. As Mr. Mathews puts it:

“…As soon as the XML video sitemap was created, Google was already indexing our videos. With almost every long-tail product-specific search term being indexed by Google, we’re now showing up on the first page with our highest converting search terms…”