Ecommerce Video Statistics for Q4 2010 show increased Conversion Rates across industries

Are you ready to make Ecommerce Video your Conversion boost "Hole-in-One"?

Are you ready to make Ecommerce Video your Conversion boost "Hole-in-One"?

Ecommerce is an industry dominated by numbers, and what speaks better to professionals accustomed to looking at numbers than a solid body of statistical evidence…

Ecommerce Video Conversion Rate increase stats across industries

After doing some number crunching on data we collected last quarter it good to have the proof to back out intuition that video works well for vendors who have deployed it on their product pages. Interestingly Video is one of the few strategies that seems to work well regardless of the vertical in which it is deployed.

We’ve seen dramatic increases in conversion rates throughout Q4 of 2010 in popular ecommerce categories as dissimilar as jewelry and sports!

The following chart gives an overview for the conversion rate increases witnessed for shoppers who watched video for some of our most popular verticals:

Ecommerce Video Conversion Rate increases across verticals

Ecommerce Video Conversion Rate increases across verticals

Here they are ranked by the order of increase in conversion rates seen:

  • Gifts +113%
  • Electronics +101%
  • Jewelry +85%
  • Home & Garden +43%
  • Personal Care +14%

The numbers are based on an aggregation of data pulled from online retail sites using the Treepodia ecommerce video platform and the automated videos created by that very system.

With consistent increases in CVR being recorded each quarter, year in and year out, it’s safe to say the increase brought about by online videos is more than a trend. It’s the new reality of online marketing. In other words, Q4’s positive results prove once again that the addition of videos to ecommerce sites is one of the most effective sales tools online retailers can employ.

As one satisfied customer from the sporting goods industry – Lee Brown, Founder and Managing Director of Onlinegolf – had to say:

“…Our customers want to get a feel for what it is they’re buying. That’s where video comes into play. With Treepodia’s video solution we’ve seen an increase in CVR of up to 88% for items featuring video…”

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Image Credit: Fevisyu