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Juan Martiez recently published a cool post about on Direct Marketing News. Paintball-Online is an e-commerce site that sells + 5,000 types of paintball related items. Apparently Paintball is big business…

“…Staying ahead is a tough job!”

Product Videos - Your way to say ahead?

Product Videos - Your way to say ahead?

In order to maintain their status as the cyberspace leaders of their industry the company is always under pressure to find new and innovative ways to market their products and therefore chose to partner with us in order to start a video marketing campaign.

The desire to move into videos was, according to Brian Mitchell –’s marketing director, driven by his understanding that:

People don’t want to read five paragraphs to learn about a product.
Listening to a video for 30 seconds tends to be an easier way of doing it.

Treepodia solves the price paradigm

The challenge seemed to be pricing. Initial inquiries into doing production videos were proposed at prices ranging as high as $10,000 monthly!
Treepodia’s ecommerce video platform pricing provides a comprehensive, rapidly deployed and dynamic solution at a fraction of that cost and came backed with a commitment. Mitchell says:

“Treepodia guaranteed us the program would pay for itself each month.
They said if revenue generated from the videos wasn’t 4 times what we’re paying, the month is FREE.

“…Video delivers great Return on Investment”

So far Paintball-Online has good reason to be pleased with their videos, because they deliver where it counts the most – at the bottom line:

“Videos bring conversions up: 3.26% of buyers who watched the videos made a purchase. That’s a 26% increase in conversion rates over customers who didn’t watch the video”

Overall the direct impact of Treepodia videos on the number of cash $$$ generated is above 1%.
More than enough to ensure we are meeting our guarantee to generate more than 4 times the cost of the videos in ROI every month…

SEO Benefits of Video:

Ecommerce Videos - Your path to SEO dominance

Ecommerce Videos - Your path to SEO dominance

A further pleasant surprise for the team at was the positive SEO impact Treepodia’s videos delivers: Every video generates between 200-250 visits per day from organic Googling of the company’s top keywords!

How about you?

If you’d like to have similar ROI on your site please contact us today!

Image Credit: photo.lady2000