Ecommerce Video Return-On-Investment Case Study: Silver Shake Jewelry

Ecommerce Video does amazing things for jewelry

Ecommerce Video does amazing things for jewelry

In Q4 of 2010, saw an incredible 108 percent increase in conversion rates for products with Treepodia video – welcome to another of our series of ecommerce case studies. This time we’re looking into the results of online jewelry website,, having implemented online video with Treepodia in May 2010.

Introducing is an online sterling silver gemstone jewelry store, which prides itself on the variety, quality, value, and availability of its products. With 10 years of history and counting, and over 10,000 jewelry designs available, SilverShake has proven itself to be the go-to place for those seeking high quality jewelry at fair prices.

Why they came to us

SilverShake’s marketing director, Kfir Gershonowitz, realized that the best way to show his customers their products from afar (the company is based in Thailand) would be to use online video. Kfir was also aware of the increase conversion rates attributable to online video, as well as the increase in product visibility. He thought they ought to give Treepodia’s platform a try.

What Ecommerce video solutions did we provide?

Using our unique technology we created multiple video versions for each product, which allowed effective automated A/B testing of each video’s performance, so that we could choose which video produced the most optimal conversion rates for each product. also added the video distributor auto-syndication service and the dynamic video sitemap.

What ROI did Ecommerce videos provide?

As mentioned earlier in this post saw an incredible 108 percent increase in CVR for products that sported Treepodia videos. Moreover our Video Distributor service increased awareness to the site by automatically publishing all the retailer’s videos to popular video sharing sites. In addition, the Dynamic Video Sitemap has ensured SilverShake’s product videos are constantly indexed by Google, which has proven extremely helpful to the company’s Search Engine Optimization effort.

As Mr. Gershonowitz puts it:

We are extremely impressed by the results we’ve seen working with Treepodia. Across the board the Treepodia platform delivers what we want most – a high level of customer satisfaction and an increase in sales.

To see how you too can use Treepodia’s ecommerce video platform to increase your online store’s SEO, conversions and sales contact us today!


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