Ecommerce Video Return-On-Investment Case Study: TruffleShuffle has done extremely well by incorporating Treepodia's video ecommerce platform

Having sold over 1 million T-shirts since it first came into existence in 2004, one might think that funky retro T-shirt online retailer TruffleShuffle needs no help. But the company has found a way to increase its revenue per visit, while also significantly increasing its check-out conversion rates, using Treepodia’s online video platform. Let’s check it out in our newest installment of Treepodia’s ecommerce case studies.


You may have heard of them: TruffleShuffle is a fun, funky retro T-shirt retailer that produces high-quality T-shirts favored by A-listers and university students alike. Known for its excellent customer service, and easy-to-use website, it’s not surprising that the company’s customers are extremely loyal.

Why They Came to Us

TruffleShuffle’s Managing Director and CEO, Pat Wood, explains that though the company was aware of the growing demand for online video to accompany fashion products, the cost was a huge barrier for them as a small company. However,

“Once we saw Treepodia, we didn’t think there was any point to look at anyone else. They did exactly what we wanted. The technology was perfect and the price was brilliant, so there really was no need to look at anything else.”

What Ecommerce Solutions did We Provide?

The Treepodia ecommerce video platform was implemented in September 2010. New video is created instantaneously as new products are added to the TruffleShuffle website. And not just one single video for each product, but multiple versions, so that A/B testing could be performed to determine which videos worked best for the company’s business. TruffleShuffle also made use of Treepodia’s unique Dynamic Video Sitemap to enhance its SEO.

What Return on Investment (ROI) did Ecommerce Videos Provide?

Per visit revenues increased almost immediately, by four percent. Furthermore, the add-to-basket, as well as the check-out conversion rates, and basket size, all increased.

TruffleShuffle says they have had an extremely pleasant experience working with Treepodia. As Mr. Wood puts it:
“Treepodia has been absolutely fantastic to work with. They do everything they’re asked, are very quick to respond, and the technology is brilliant.”
To see how you too can use Treepodia’s ecommerce video platform to increase your online store’s SEO, conversions and sales contact us today!