How are automated product videos created, and what do ecommerce vendors gain from the process?

Recently we began working with Proctor and Gamble to help drive up the engagement, conversions and sales, on their Olay brand ecommerce site. I figure this is a great opportunity to revisit a topic that we haven’t really talked about in a while:

How do we create automated product videos anyway?

Our product video platform generates individual product videos by automatically pulling existing product descriptions, attributes, images, etc. from an ecommerce website’s catalog data feed , and using them to generate short video clips for each product in the catalog.

Treepodia automatically generates product videos by utilizing an ecommerce website’s existing data

Treepodia automatically generates product videos by utilizing an ecommerce website’s existing data. Click the image above to go to Olay's site and see the live video.

What are the advantages of automating the process?

1. For limitless scalability its really the only way to go

The most obvious advantage of automating the process of creating, publishing and syndicating product videos is that its the only way ecommerce vendors with hundreds of products on offer can scale up adoption of video presentations for their entire catalog without breaking the bank or spending months and years in video production. This particular point was again validated again just recently by Marc Joseph, founder and president of, in an interview he gave us:

“…When we found Treepodia we knew we’d found a value proposition that would give us more bang for our buck by producing thousands of product videos that would rank in product searches, rather than hoping for the one BIG viral video to come along…”

 2. Always up-to-date, but never any hassle

Another advantage is that because the videos are generated from the vendor’s product feed they’re guaranteed to always be up-to-date. Any change made to the products on offer is immediately reflected in the videos, regardless of whether its just a minor adjustment to the prices of a few select items, or a major overhaul of the catalog for seasonal sales or other promotions.

3. Seamlessly matched to your site by definition

Automated videos are based on a video template designed specifically for the client, and in close collaboration with their web-design team. As the screenshot above demonstrates the resulting videos are perfectly matched to the website’s branding and page layout.
This is rarely the case with product videos created via outsourced video production companies, that often have a tendency to push their own creative agenda…