How to double your product video views with a single small tweak

Product Video A/B testing

No... Not really... 😉

As we’ve repeatedly stressed here in the past the only way to build a sound, stable, and successful ecommerce business is through a continuous process of improvement based on meticulous, rigorous, and repeated A/B testing. Simply put, you need to adhere to these principles as if your livelihood depended on it (Wait a sec…, it DOES depend on it!):

  • Always test your intuitions
  • Never take anything for granted
  • Test religiously

Here at Treepodia we live by our ability to tweak and test our client’s product videos, yet with monotonous regularity we come up with a little tweak that results in improvements that surprise even us. It’s a humbling experience because we’ve been at this game for a while, and sometimes we forget that what we don’t know, will always exceed what we do. The latest case-in-point was the result of a small tweak we did for the product videos on

Introducing the Tool King

Started in 1978 as a small retail store in Denver Colorado, by 1983 the company was being recognized as an Inc 500 Company. In 2001 the company launched, and in 2006 the site was recognized as a  Top 500 Retailer by Internet Retailer and as the top 28th fastest growing e-commerce company in the world.

Product video views increased by 100% thanks to this one small tweak

Product video views increased by 100% thanks to this one small tweak

What we did

The change on Toolking’s videos was really minor. As you can see above all we did was add a nice juicy “Play” icon to the 1st frame of every video so that when visitors come to the page the player is displaying that icon as the video’s thumbnail.

Product video views double!

After an A/B test conducted over thousands of individual page views we found this small, seemingly inconsequential tweak massively increased visitors’ interactions with the player, resulting in more video plays, which in turn increased conversion rates and sales.

How big was the impact? you ask.

Well, overall adding the  icon boosted the ratio of video views per page view from 2.7% to 5.4% , or in other words, generated a 100% increase. Not an improvement anyone is likely to discount…

so if you want to greatly boost the number of views your product views are getting I warmly recommend adding a little triangle icon to the 1st frame of every video you’ve got published…

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