Lazier Shoppers Prefer Product Videos?

Product videos are great usability

We're all getting lazier - Product videos are great usability...

As a technology fan and a lover of all-things-web I find the growing body of research regarding  the impact the web is having on our intelligence absolutely riveting.

What impact is the web having on our intelligence?

There’s no clear answer to the question. Some pundits claim it’s making us dumber, while others claim it’s making us smarter. There are valid arguments for both claims, but whichever side you happen to take there’s little doubt the Internet and our experiences on the web are changing they way we think, process information and behave.

…And it’s probably making us lazier

Personally I’m unsure which side I’m on insofar as the debate regarding the web’s impact on our intelligence, but I’m definitely sure the web is making us lazier, and I’m not the only one that thinks so.

…And less attentive

Another interesting behavioral trend worth noting is the evident overall decrease in people’s attention spans, as evinced by broadcasters and advertisers alike. As we’re increasingly barraged by ever growing volumes of information and options of content to choose from, we’re clearly becoming less and less patient and satisfied with whatever it is we happen to be viewing/reading/browsing RIGHT NOW.

How does this relate to ecommerce and product videos?

Seeing as this is a video and ecommerce related blog some of you might be wondering how all this relates to our regular content. I promise you all will be revealed in a moment, but first please take a second to answer the following question:

Unless this post happens to be read by a statistically anomalous group of  detail obsessed individuals, I’m pretty sure most of you like myself chose option B, and that’s just the thing – seeing as how we’re all getting slightly lazier and less prone to attend to detail, we’d much prefer ecommerce sites present us the information we need to make a buying choice in the format and medium that makes it EASIEST for us to absorb. It’s good usability on their part, which is increasingly something we EXPECT.


The best marketing efforts don’t satisfy themselves merely with presenting customers with excellent information regarding their offers, they go the extra mile to ensure the information is presented in the way most likely to make the best impression with their audience. In the case of online shopping that means including VIDEOS for their product offerings.


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