Product Videos – Tips For Success

Adding product videos to an ecommerce website will inevitably increase sales, however truly maximizing the impact videos will have requires considering all the elements that compose the video. This post is dedicated to listing some of those elements and the ways they can be tweaked for better performance. Note: our expertise has been gained via our work with automatically generated product videos, created from a website’s existing product feed, so that’s the scope of recommendations we can give.

Automatically generated videos are essentially reliant on two major factors:

  1. The Video Template
  2. The Product Data Feed

Both factors can be tweaked and adjusted, and every adjustment will have some degree of impact on the video’s conversion rate

Tweaking The Video Template

A customized video template is “the skin” given to the information contained in the website’s feed. Creating the right video template by ensuring the look & feel of the videos match the client’s overall site style (as well as the general industry), is a critical factor in terms of success.

Product video templates should match the brand

Product video templates should match the brand

Ideally a video template should match the brand’s guidelines and values as closely as possible, and integrate seamlessly with the website’s design. From a visual perspective all the following should be taken into consideration when creating the video template:

  • Company logo
  • Tagline
  • Atmosphere images
  • Existing video assets
Providing good design assets is all it takes to get your video template to match your brand

Providing good design assets is all it takes to get your video template to match your brand

Well branded video templates increase buyer confidence and encourage more sales.

A video template can be tweaked and made to match the brand values not only visually, but also from the auditory aspect as well. Video templates can be customized as follows:

  • What music will your soundtrack have?
  • What sex is your narrator?
  • What language and accent will you use?

Note that although normally the initial choices regarding video templates are made based on a vendors gut feeling of what will work for his audience, but truly leveraging a website’s video template for maximum conversions requires accurate A/B testing of different template variations.

Optimizing Your Product Video’s Data Feed

Automated product videos are generated from your website’s product catalog data feed, hence the quality of the generated videos, and the positive impact they have on customer engagement and conversion, depends heavily on the feed’s quality. A good data feed will include as many of the following as possible:

  • Several different high resolution images of the product
  • Descriptive statements including product specifications and classifications
  • Catch phrases and marketing statements about the company
  • Special offers
  • Price
  • Customer ratings and reviews
  • Existing video footage

A few small tweaks to your website’s feed, based on the aforementioned recommendations, can quickly improve the performance and conversion rates for your automated videos.