On-page vs. Overlay product video display – Which is better?

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about one of the most widely quoted statistics relating to user engagement – the fact that for every required navigation click users are required to make in your site, you’re likely to lose about 30% of them.

Let’s examine that for a moment and understand how that can affect the effectiveness of your product videos and conversions:

Case A – Product Video is presented as an overlay

Product Video Player Overlay

Product Video - Player launched as an Overlay

Say you had 100 people coming onto your site, of those 100 only about 70 will click on any link on your homepage.

Since I’m in an optimistic mood today let’s say you’re lucky and they clicked on an actual product you’re touting on your homepage – one of your best promoted items.

Now on the product page, they all choose to click to display the video overlay. Drop the 30% and we’re already down to less than half or your original audience – 49 users (100*0.7*0.7).

Since your video is an overlay users are now required to click  once more to return to the page. We’re now at 34 users (100*0.7*0.7*0.7), and we haven’t even clicked the add-to-cart button…

Case B – Product Video is presented on page

Product Video - Player is embedded on-page

Product Video - Player is embedded On-page

We start this scenario with the same 100 people coming to your site. Again we’ll take the optimistic approach that the majority of them chose to view one of your homepage-promoted products, so again reaching the product page we have 70 potential buyers, however now things to look slightly different…

In this scenario the video player is integrated into the actual design of the page, so clicking to play it doesn’t launch a new overlay but simply starts the video player – we don’t need to treat this click as one that costs us users.  Moreover since no overlay was launched, no click is required to return to the product page.

In this scenario we’re still at 70 users AFTER the video was watched – just over double where we were in the example above!