The Web’s Best Ecommerce Video Player Just Got BETTER!

We’re very glad to announce that after months of development and testing we’ve finally released our new Ecommerce Video Player.

Designed to Boost your Sales

A product video player that helps sell ProductsThe new player was designed from the ground up to help increase sales and engagement on your ecommerce site.

Call-to-Action directly from your videos!

The player can be customized to display of a variety of “Call-to-Action” buttons.

You can have it show “Add to Cart“, “Related Products“, “Go to Product“, etc.  Enabling your audience to act directly from the video reduces steps to purchase and drives up conversion rates.  


Capitalize on Social Engagement

Share the love for VideoIt’s no secret video is the most popular, shared, and interacted-with form of online media.

Users can Share your videos!

The new Treepodia player is designed to help you capitalize on video’s popularity by enabling your audience to share the video page directly from the player.  Configure your player to enable users to click-to-share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many major video sharing portals as well.

Users may sometimes be reluctant to share a product page, but sharing a video is a much likelier proporsition, and with Google increasingly relying on social indicators to determine pages’ search ranking, the extra shares you’ll be getting can help you get the rankings you need!


Product Videos EVERYWHERE

HTML5 player works on Apple devices - iPhone, iPad
The new player is fully HTML 5 compatible ensuring you full coverage on all devices.

iPhone and iPad Friendly

With increasing percentages of users opting to surf the web on mobile devices it’s become an imperative that your videos display equally on all devices. Given Apple’s pricing it’s safe to say that Apple device owners are, for the large part, better of economically speaking, and more comfortable with technology in general. In other words, they’re a great demographic to sell to, and with HTML 5 compatible video you’re more likely to…


Play it YOUR Way

Customizable player
One of the requests we’ve heard often from our clients is a desire to customize the video player. We’re glad to announce that the wait is over .

The most customizable product video player ever!

Your new product video player offers customization options that far exceed anything we’ve made available before. Now not only can you select player button, mode of integration, and size, but you can also tweak the player’s interface, color scheme, and even elect to have a”chromeless” player (i.e. show no player or controls at all)


Thank YOU

The new Treepodia player is the result of the dedication and efforts of  the talented boys-n-gals of our development team (…thanks guys!).


We could have never embarked on the journey that brought this player into being without the ongoing support and priceless feedback provide by YOU – our beloved clients, so for everybody here at Treepodia I’d just like to say THANKS, and keep on rocking…