Product Video in the Wild – Featuring our new Player!

Welcome to another installation of our Product Videos in the Wild, posts – dedicated to showcasing some of our great clients, and how they’re using Treepodia videos on their sites.

I’m pretty excited about this month’s showcase because, it features our first South East Asian client, – The online shop  for award winning manufacturer natural Thai Spa and skin care products Ramburi. Moreover Ramburi’s videos are our latest player version, which, for the first time, introduces advanced interactivity via a “Share”  button that’s integrated into the player.

Ramburi's MD - Mr. Daniel Frick

Ramburi's MD - Mr. Daniel Frick

Ramburi Thai Spa and Skin-care products

Ramburi Thai Spa and Skin-care products

Founded in 2002 on a basis of natural remedy recipes that were common practice in the home and village of Founder Khun Kannipa Shim , Ramburi has grown, under the management of Swiss born Managing Partner Daniel Frick, into an international brand exported to over 20 countries.

It’s a textbook case of synergistic fusion between ancient wisdom and modern management practices – a sustainable business model that demonstrates how eco-friendly practices can be great business…

Why video?

Ramburi was seeking a method to showcase the carefully chosen natural ingredients that compose each of their paraben free lotions and oils, and video was the obvious choice.

Video integration embedded on page with share button in player

Video integration embedded on page with share button in player

The Integration

Player built-in share button

Full-screen player featuring built-in "Share" button

Ramburi’s online shop is Magento based, and the integration process was used as a test case for our new Magento plugin (more on that coming soon…).

The player features our brand new in-player “Share” button, that further enhances video value to site visitors and owners.

The new player also introduces additional improvements such as – Full-screen viewing (see left, and click image to go to the product page), and an “Add to cart” button (not used in this integration)


I asked Mr. Frick to give me his feelings about the integration – here’s what said:

“…We’re very pleased with the Treepodia videos – The results greatly exceeded our expectations insofar as the quality of the generated videos is concerned. Working with you guys, even while testing your pilot module has been perfectly simple and easy. I think that most importantly the value per the investment is phenomenal!…”