A/B Testing Video – Naturally Staying Ahead of the Curve

Charles Darwin, photographed by Julia Margaret...

Charles Darwin, photographed by Julia Margaret Cameron (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A word about Natural Selection

Natural selection, first identified by Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace, is nature’s mechanism for guaranteeing species gradually

643px-Explanation of Evolution v2.1

643px-Explanation of Evolution v2.1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and steadily improve and adapt to their surroundings. “Survival of the fittest” is nothing more than nature running it’s course – enabling slight mutations from one generation to the next, and testing them in the environment to see how much better they fare compared to the original strain. The weaker mutations are weeded out, while the stronger ones survive to start a new cycle.

It’s all about variety

The variety of mutations is the most critical requirement for this process. Without it the opportunity to improve simply would not exist.

It is with this fundamental concept in mind that a responsible online marketeer should view all their efforts – whenever you propose a plan, campaign, landing page, or promotion you must consider variations to launch alongside, in-order to give the effort as a whole the best opportunity for success, and establish bench-marking against which each “strain” can be assessed.

The challenge

Most of us aren’t as industrious or resourceful as mother nature, and the effort required to create just a single marketing campaign leaves us gasping for air, so even though we might appreciate the value of creating “multiple strains”, we simply lack the abilities to execute them. But what if we there were a system that would substantially reduce the required effort?

A/B testing product videos the easy way

The good news is that at least insofar as product videos are concerned we’ve effectively removed all the heavy lifting out of the aforementioned process, leaving you to lean back and benefit from the results.

How does it work?

Step 1 – Multiple strains

Treepodia‘s product video platform enables you to generate or upload more than just one single video version for every product in your catalog. You can choose to test multiple Treepodia generated videos against one another, but you can also use it to upload brand videos provided by your manufacturers, customer created videos, and any other video content you deem appropriate.

Over the years we’ve been developing the platform it’s been interesting to discover that, despite our initial hypothesis, even within a single ecommerce site there’s no such thing as an “Ultimate Template“. The reality is that templates that are very successful with one product, might be poor performers with another. This serves to further emphasize the the importance of adding as many video variations as possible into the mix.

Step 2 – Live in the wild

Multiple video templates matched to products to maximize sales

Multiple video templates matched to products to maximize sales

Once you’ve uploaded, or automatically generated, a number of videos for each product, Treepodia’s platform will start displaying them to like sized groups of viewers. The rules of Natural Selection apply here at their most fundamental level – The more video strains you let “loose into the wild”, the greater your chance to identify an exceptional performer.

Step 3 – Natural selection

In nature, the measure for evaluating a species’ success, is the dominance it achieves in its habitat. With ecommerce the measure is SALES – how effective each video variety is at generating them.

Treepodia’s platform tracks sales, attributing them to the particular video version watched. Cases where no video was watched are also tracked and serve as a benchmark for measuring video’s contribution to sales.

Treepodia’s analysis platform, based on algorithms developed by statistic experts, is designed to identify and automatically promote the best performing video version for each product. The system’s ability to both measure and auto-adjust, ensure you’re enjoying the best of each variation and template. This Natural Selection at its best – constantly and automatically driving your marketing forward.