Google Backlink Tracking and Video Sharing = Win\Win

Social sources tracking in Google Analytics

Searching for backlinks got a little easier a few days ago when Google announced added Backlink Tracking to Social Reporting on Google Analytics.

In March Google Analytics  enabled webmasters using Social Reports to learn

  1. How much traffic social media delivered to their sites
  2. Which social sites from which those visitors came

The update adds more categories, and expands the data provided. Go Google!

Tracking trackbacks – How is it useful?

Trackbacks automatically give you the URL of sites linking to yours, as soon as the link is created. Blogger and WordPress have been offering this feature for years, and it’s good to see Google adopting the goodness.

The new backlink feature saves the many spent hours we spend trying to understand backlinks patterns, making it a boon to link-conscious webmasters.

How does this tie in with my product videos?

The implications insofar as your video marketing is concerned are massive, especially when we realize that ~50% of videos shared across social networks are product videos. It’s this amazing statistic that drove us here at Treepodia to add the Social Share button  our player. Now with Google’s new Trackback feature you can get a clear indication for what your video is actually doing for you insofar as social impact and backlinks are concerned.

Player built-in share button

Player built-in share button

Then outline the steps from the article for locating the feature. Here’s how to navigate to the backlink data in your Google Analytics dashboard. In the main left-hand sidebar, click on “Traffic Sources”, then “social”, and finally “pages”, …

The BIG POINT is the new social tracking feature in Google and giving people the instructions for finding it.
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