Boosts Conversions Up to 60% using Treepodia Ecommerce Video Platform


Tool King started originally in 1978 as a small retail store in Denver-Colorado, selling hammers and power tools to craftsmen and hobbyists, today is an internationally acclaimed online tool resource, and favorite with online buyers, featuring regularly on Internet Retailer’s Top 500 ecommerce sites ever since 2006

The Needs – Customer Experience and Product Marketing

Toolking has a great deal of experience selling power tools. These lines of products, which for quality items can be quite expensive, tend to sell well when they’re optimally displayed in a convincing and engaging manner.

Jeff Plante,’s online marketing manager, was well aware of the potential that web based video had in this respect, however initially he felt that the barriers-to-entry were insurmountable:

“…Videos can be time-intensive and expensive to create. We didn’t have the staff available to devote to video development, and we weren’t sure how to use  videos most effectively…”


The Hunt for a Solution

With the aforementioned issues in mind Jeff and his team began hunting for a solution that would give the advantages of video, but wouldn’t incur the demands on staff time, budgets, and long learning curves.

From that point, the process that led to choosing Treepodia was simply a matter of having the awareness that the solution existed.

The Solution – Treepodia’s Product Video Platform and Dynamic Video Sitemap

Treepodia was a natural choice for Toolking because the platform completely circumvents the need to shoot video, instead Treepodia’s product video platform uses existing product images and descriptions to create web videos instantly.

Opting to use Treepodia’s Dynamic Video Sitemap ensured that Toolking’s videos were immediately indexed by search engines, giving product pages an additional SEO boost.

Soon after Treepodia’s platform was introduced on, and based on an initial analysis of the performance, additional guidance was provided to further increase video views and conversions. Data was readily available because Treepodia’s solution creates different versions of each product video and automatically conducts A/B testing to compare click-through rates and conversions, furthermore the system uses the aggregated data to automatically promote the videos that perform the best with shoppers.

“…Treepodia was proactive in helping us identify where the videos could be enhanced to generate even more results, and their recommendations were spot-on in helping us get the performance we desired…” – Plante

The Results – 50-60% Sales Increase

After a process that continued over a period of 3 months during which small tweaks and improvements were implemented and tested acheived a 50-60% conversion rate increase for products featuring videos.

In terms of ROI this was a return value of 2500% – Every $1 invested in Treepodia video yielded $25 in sales:

…We expected  product videos would help us improve customer experience on our site, but we were amazed at just how much difference they made. Treepodia’s platform is now a critical part of our e-commerce business.

The ability to quickly create thousands of videos, and test different video options and see the impact of added features, delivered substantial ROI benefits almost
immediately…”  – Plante

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