Is Video In Your Ecommerce Toolkit?

Congratulations! After several arduous design and testing sessions, your company’s website is up and running. It has everything you planned for – eye popping pictures, great banners, and catchy text. You may have integrated Facebook and Twitter in your design and are finding a degree of excitement as visitors “like” your posts or “retweet” your “tweets.” You now spend a significant amount of your time checking your site’s diagnostics to measure the volume of visitors, where they’re coming from, and the length of time they spend on it hoping it all translates into increased sales.

Product Video Toolkit


So why aren’t people BUYING?!?

Perhaps you’ve forgotten a critical element of the ecommerce experience -VIDEO, and I am not talking about the “cat playing piano” variety (although they do help past the time…)

Video: An Essential Part of the Online Experience

Yes, Bill Gates was right when he declared that on the web “Content is King,” and marketing research repeatedly confirms video reigns supreme in the digital kingdom.

It’s easy to understand why:
Video provides a more textured sensory experience than pictures and words, and it’s quite easy to consume. Just hit play, lean back in your chair, and watch.

Video has become an effective tool to increase traffic, search engine rankings, user engagement, and buyer confidence which translate into increased sales; which is why an increasing number of your competitors are including it on their sites…

Where Do I Start ? PRODUCT VIDEOS!

So how should you proceed if you want to take the leap and integrate video into your ecommerce website? Product videos are the logical starting choice because of their proven return on investment.

How to Make Your Video Standout

Ready to start channeling your “inner Steven Spielberg” and produce your first video? Then it’s time to consider these five factors before whipping out your smartphone and launching your video app:

1) Video Theme

Will you use animation, video, photos or a combination of these?
Don’t be afraid to experiment with fonts and templates.

2) Audio

Will you have a soundtrack or narration, or both?
If you decide to use a narrator, what accent and gender of speaker do you think will work well with your audience?

3) Messaging

Include product benefit statements and a call-to-action. Consider integrating customer reviews to the viewing experience.

4) Interface

Two choices here…embedded in page or launched via a button?

5) Length

One choice here…SHORT! A rule of thumb is that for every 30 seconds a third of your audience disappears, so include your main message as early as possible.

Experiment, Shoot, Evaluate, Reshoot, & Post….Everywhere!

This all may sound a bit frustrating and time consuming in the beginning, but only by continously experimenting with different combinations of factors in your video, will you eventually find what works best for your audience and helps drive sales best.

The best method for testing your video’s effectiveness is by creating identical product pages, with the only difference between them being the videos displayed, and tracking which translates into more sales. By repeating this process over time you’ll learn which factors work best for which products; making producing future videos easier.

Finally, don’t forget to post your finished video on websites other than your own such as Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion, and of course, YouTube to generate additional traffic.

Guest post by Jose Collazo


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