Up Your Game! Integrate Product Videos to Boost Your Conversion Rates

I have a confession to make.  I am a basketball sneaker addict. Nike Air Jordans are my obsession.

Since the advent of the online retail revolution I have purchased the majority of my Nikes via the web.

Why not?

It’s quick, easy, the shoe I want is usually in stock, and free shipping is sometimes included. What’s not to like about this whole experience?!  It also beats driving down to the mall with and searching for a parking space.

Product Videos Make Me Pivot and Buy Sneakers

Maybe our tagline should be - "Video inspired by the best product video player ever"

Maybe our tagline should just be – “Video inspired by the best product video player ever”?

One trend I’ve noticed recently is the inclusion of videos of sneakers in my favorite online shoe retailers. It seems the last pairs of shoes I’ve purchased all came from retail websites that included a video of the sneaker I was searching for.

I can share that not all product videos are created equal… After watching a few I’ve come up with suggestions you might want to consider when crafting your own:



1) Attention Deficient Syndrome Rules!

For all you aspiring directors – You’re not shooting “Gone With The Wind”!

Keep your videos short and sweet. Studies reveal nearly half of consumers trail off after the first 30-45 seconds of a video, so anything over 90 seconds is pretty much a waste of time.

2) The Details Matter!

Details are Divine” – When your video comes across as polished and well produced this reflects well on your brand as a wh0le. Obviously the opposite is just as true…

Some points that I noticed people all too often ignore are:

  • Camerawork Quality – A shaky clip made with a cheap handheld video camera in a room with crappy lighting might be great for Al Qaeda, but you should aspire beyond that…
  • Voice Over – Will you use one? If so, does the gender and speaker’s vocal tone matter?  The answer to these questions will most likely be answered by the product you are selling and your target group.
Breaking the law with music rights can result in sever headaches and Judas Priest

Breaking the law with music rights can result in severe headaches, and Judas Priest…

  • Music – Consider including background music in your video, but make sure the track you select does not overpower or distract from the product, so unless you’re selling guitars geared to metal-heads, maybe leave your  Judas Priest on the shelf. Note that you want to make sure you’re using rights-free music, or music you have the appropriate rights to.
  • Content – Demo the product as if you have the customer standing right in front of you! Be sure to showcase the product’s unique features and benefits.
  • Branding – Include a graphic representing your company in your video.  The value of this will become apparent once you start syndicating your video across the web via Youtube and other video sharing platforms.  Make it really easy for consumers who bump into your video this way to know exactly how to find your website.
  • Visual Text – Use subtitles and text to emphasize product qualities and virtues.  For example, some of the Nike basketball shoes I am on the lookout for are “limited edition” which are only manufactured in certain years.  Sure enough, if you view videos for these shoes the year and the words “limited edition” surface within seconds of hitting the play button.
  • Product Reviews – Word of mouth” is always effective so consider including consumer reviews of the product in your video.

3) It’s A Slam Dunk… Product Videos Work!

Product videos work well for shoes and apparel because they engage the viewer much more effectively than photos and text – ultimately leading to higher buyer conversion rates.  Don’t believe me. Just look at my closet!

But don’t take my word for it!  Try it yourself.  Test product video’s effectiveness in your commercial retail website by creating two identical product pages – one with a video – using some of the tips I mentioned earlier – and another without.

You will see that consumers stay longer on the product page with the video than the one without.  More importantly, the product page with the video will generate more sales than the product page without video. Don’t be surprise if conversion rates between websites differ by as much as 30%!

So, if you have an e-commerce site, take the jump and integrate videos in your product pages.

Video just maybe the game winning component that makes your site into an “All Star”…