Use Product Videos To Keep the “Google Shopping” Grinch At Bay!

Last May, Google announced that it would rebrand its popular – and free – Google Product Search as a fee to post service requiring retailers to pay Google to have their products displayed in internet search listings. Google Shopping as the new service is called, bases search results on product relevance in addition to the price that merchants pay Google to list their merchandise.

The conversion to “Google Shopping” should be complete by late October – just in time for this upcoming holiday shopping season. Great timing Google!

Google Shopping - Artist's impression

Google Shopping – Artist’s impression

The Grinch Comes Early This Shopping Season

If you have an online advertising budget to rival any Fortune 100 company you will probably adjust quickly to this new reality.

But what if you are one of the many small to medium sized businesses who are unable to match the advertising budget of your larger competitors?  What do you do now?  It seems as if the Grinch  just slid down the chimney to replace your holiday revenue with a big, black lump of coal.  Not very fair is it?

So, unless you are willing to “pay to play” you will have to come up with a viable alternative to stay competitive.  Where do you start?

 Beat The Grinch At Its Own Game – With Product Videos

You start with product videos! Let’s face it, online shoppers love to watch product videos.  They provide a much more engaging online retail experience than static images and text.  It’s the next best thing to going down to your local shopping mall, but with product videos you don’t have to fight for a parking space.

Video SERP thumbnails are the biggest graphic Google uses!

Video SERP thumbnails are the biggest graphic Google uses!

To satisfy this inclination, Google is now positioning thumbnails of product videos on the first page of search results.  These video thumbnail images are twice as large as any other thumbnail image that appears on the search page.  Don’t believe me?  Check it out!

As you can see, the thumbnail images are much larger than most of the accompanying text and images on the page.  This makes them more likely to grab a consumer’s attention which is the crucial first step to increasing buyer-browser conversion rates, and more importantly, increasing your return on investment.

Product Videos’ ROI Trumps The Grinch

Don’t be surprised if inclusion of product videos in your website provides an immediate increase in your conversion rates to the point that they may turn out to be a far better investment than Google Shopping.

So what are you waiting for?  Make the commitment to include product videos on your retail website.  Their use may just be the antidote to “Google Shopping,” and from keeping Mr. Grinch from playing havoc with your company’s holiday season revenue…