How to Get More Social Mileage Out of Video With Treepodia

Make the most of you videos social media mileage

Save gas! Make the most social media mileage out of your product videos 

Last year, just before we all shut down for the year end break, our VP for marketing, Dr. Melody King published a really nice post on getting more social mileage out of your videos on

It’s a great post because it gives a list of solid pointers, that can really help marketeers at every level push their online video marketing to the next level insofar as their social media impact is concerned.

After reading the post I decided it would be interesting to see how our clients could leverage their Treepodia generated product videos to comply with some of Dr. King’s recommendations, so here goes…

How to Get More Social Mileage Out of Video With Treepodia

Mass Video Syndication – Link Building

Dr King’s first recommendation for marketeers is to “Think beyond just posting”. She advocates marketeers take the time to optimize the configurable title, description and tag fields on video portals like youtube and metacafe. At the very least a link back to the sales website should of course be included (ideally directly to the relevant product page…).

Treepodia’s Video Distributor service helps marketeers do exactly that. It’s an automated, scalable and inexpensive service that rapidly uploads your entire catalog of product videos to YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe, Dailymotion and other video sites (Examples: Advantage BridalThe Solomon Brothers, etc.)
You can use it either as a stand-alone service, or as an add-on to our Smart Video Platform.

Tell Them What You Want – Call to Action

Always remember to include a compelling call to action

Always remember to include a compelling call to action

Melody’s 2nd pointer relates to the simple, yet sadly often forgotten, CALL TO ACTION. Far too often we see well made and costly video productions that fail to guide users to DO SOMETHING (buy a product, click “share”, etc.) The remedy for this one is actually a very easy fix for clients opting to use Treepodia with a customized video template. Opting to have us create a custom video template for your videos allows you to craft and include whatever messaging you want into ALL your clips, both as a slide and in the voice-over video narration.

Include UGC in Your Video Template

Dr. King quoted a recent comScore study that found customers respond well to marketing combos that include  professionally produced video alongside user generated product videos.

Editing user content into your videos for each product individually is such a massive editing nightmare as to make it practically impossible to manage for any vendor with a catalog of a few dozen items or more, however here too our video platform can come to your aid.

Not only can your Treepodia videos be configured to include the customer reviews existing for each product, but also by using a custom video template, you can opt to have reviews, testimonials, and even user generated video as part of your video template.