Looking into the Crystal Ball – Product Video Trends for 2013

Having only just scratched the surface of 2013, I bet that many of us are still in the full swing of trying to put our New Year resolutions into practice. And while we recently wrote of the best NY resolutions you as an online retailer can make, it’s also good to know what the emerging trends in e-commerce product video will be this year.

In an environment as dynamic as the web it’s of course hard to predict exactly what will happen, but these are some pretty safe bets, as they’re largely developments of trends that have been evolving in product video for quite some time…

Looking into the Crystal Ball - Product Video trends for 2013

Looking into the Crystal Ball – Product Video trends for 2013

Watching Product Videos will become a key part of online purchasing research for consumers

Consumers are increasingly doing their own online research before making a purchase, and watching videos is a big part of that. Research and our own experience with clients has found visitors are 34-85% more likely to purchase after watching product video. It’ safe to say online retailers will continue to capitalize on this trend, and the demand will be for solutions that enable e-commerce video production in an uncomplicated, user-friendly and cost effective way.

Product Videos will become mainstream with the major ecommerce players

During 2012, we were fortunate to have some of the largest players* in e-commerce select Treepodia as their ecommerce video platform of choice. This year will see most of the big players in the market get on board, further pushing autoamted video into the mainstream. The reasons driving the growth are primarily the scalability and financial sense that automated videos guarantee. Put simply – choosing to adopt is a no-brainer

* – Dell, Lenovo, Walmart, Buy.com, etc…

Mobile and tablets will continue driving product video adoption

US consumers made US$24.66bn worth of purchases through their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices in 2012. That’s an 81% increase over 2011 numbers. More than half of this growth came from tablets, 40% came from smartphones and around 4% came from other mobile devices. Clearly m-commerce is growing big FAST.

Since this trend is very likely to continue this year, reaching buyers on their devices in ways that are suitably adapted to the mobile medium is going to be more important than ever.

Product videos are ideally suited for the mobile medium because they offer a very easy way to experience and learn about products. Obviously it’s easier to see a short video on your mobile, than to start reading a long description. To make the most of this trend you really want to ensure your videos are short, shareable and informative.

Video will become a standard feature of email marketing

Video’s popularity with users isn’t limited just to websites, but is also evinced in emails, where video has been proven to increase click-through rates by as much as 96%. The same logic applies here as before – Why bother your audience explaining a complex idea with words, when you can simply show it?

Need more?

For more predictions be sure to check out a recent guest post contributed by our very own Director of Marketing, Dr. Melody King to multichannelmerchant.com

What do you think?

As always I’m very keen on getting your contributions and thoughts so please share with us in the comments below what you think we’ll see happening with product videos this year.