Product Video – Myth and Misconception

Throughout the years, here at Treepodia we’ve been lucky to work with clients from many different e-commerce sectors, but irrelevant of their line of work and type of product, we’ve noticed that by and large, our clients are at first cautious and concerned about very similar Product Video Myths & Misconceptions.

We decided it’s time to do away with these fables once and for all, and shed some light on the true power and awesomeness of Product Videos.

Just thinking of product video and its costs and benefits may give you a headache

Just thinking of product video and its costs and benefits may give you a headache


When envisioning making product video, businesses tend to think it costs a lot of money. After all, it’s a painstaking process of filming all or a portion of products in the offering, editing the footage, followed by adding voiceovers and captions – and all these things have an astronomical price tag!


The Miracle of Web Technology* allow us to scan your entire product portfolio including product images, specifications and descriptions, and quickly generate ready-made videos that are embedded in your website right away. And best of all, it costs less than a single camera-man’s hour. In fact we’re so certain of the return-on-investment you’ll be seeing, we guarantee it’s at least 4 times your cost!

* –  A fancy name for the hard work of our R&D team


Ok, so you have your product videos prepared but now the true nightmare begins:

Where will you host the videos and what will you use to stream and play them on your destination of choice?

It seems a nightmare because these are technical questions you feel ill-equipped to answer. You don’t know where to look and who to turn to – making the whole process seem never-ending and cumbersome.

Well, you’re right, hosting, streaming method and player are important components of your product video effort, however they needn’t be a complex puzzle to solve.

Leading video vendors typically offer complete all-inclusive packages that are pretty much plug-and-play simple. Pricing will cover a suite of video services including hosting and delivery, players, analytics. Access is normally via a web interface that allow easy access, management and monitoring.


Not yet really sure your e-commerce needs product video?

Here’s a VERY abridged selection of stats regarding video’s ROI compiled from various studies:

But knowing that your fears are unfounded will help you power through to the finish line

But knowing that your fears are unfounded will help you power through to the finish line

  • Online shoppers who watch online product videos are 85% more likely to buy products compared to those who don’t.
  • Some webshops reported consumers are 144% more likely to place a product in their shopping cart after watching a product video.
  • Shoppers who watch video spend about two minutes longer on site and are 64% more likely to buy than others.
  • 46% of regular online shoppers prefer online retail shops with product video compared to 30% of consumers who occasionally shop online.
  • 39% of executives have called a vendor after seeing an online video.
  • so on and so on..

It all boils down to a simple conclusion, online product video is simply too potent to pass up. It’s up to you whether you will use this information to your advantage, or let this opportunity pass you by…