Videos & Valentines – Product Videos Boost Valentine’s Day Sales

Boxes of chocolate, roses, rings, and a world painted crimson and pink. We’re barely over the Christmas rush and already Valentine’s day shopping is upon us, with the same old last minute rush to buy presents for loved ones and sweethearts.

This year we noticed savvy ecommerce operators starting their Valentine’s day campaigns and promotions around mid January, giving them a month or so to make sales.

Video is a Natural Choice for Showcasing Jewelry

As I’m sure many readers will agree, jewelry is an easy win for Valentine’s-Day-Best-Gift, making it an important event for the sector. Given the large amount of premium jewelry sites Treepodia services it’s no surprise Valentine’s is a big deal for us too…

Thankfully, jewelry sites lend themselves beautifully to our automated video presentation technology, and given the high-ticket nature of the offered items, they’re a natural choice for investing in optimal video showcasing.

So without further ado here’s a showcase of some of the web’s finest jewelry vendors, and their Treepodia product videos:

Rakuten buys into video buys into video

Japanese based ecommerce giant (formerly created a dedicated section for the lovers’ holiday on their website with special offers on jewelry, fragrances and watches.

Select exquisite jewelry pieces received a special video treatment showcasing their sparkly beauty just in time for Valentine’s day shoppers.

Click here to see the live page and be sure to click the video play button to launch the overlay player featuring a specially customized and branded video template and player.

Watching a watch's video

Watching a watch’s video

Watching Watch Videos is a a niche online retailer dedicated to selling (you guessed it) discounted watches.

The site is featuring a “Countdown to Valentine’s Day” sale on select items, and video is an integral part of promoting these offers.

The player is triggered by a video button, but the actual video player is displayed on-page, rather than as a pop-up like the previous example. Using the space otherwise occupied by the product’s image to display the video when played is, in my opinion a very elegant deployment of Treepodia’s technology.

Videos for Men’s Valentine’s Gifts

Video works well when embedded directly on the product page

Video works well when embedded directly on the product page

If you’re looking to surprise your lucky boyfriend, lover, husband with a shiny Valentine’s day bauble, these posh cufflinks might be exactly what you’re after.

Unlike the two previous vendors where the video is launched by a play button, veteran ecommerce jeweler has the best of all worlds – Treepodia product videos are embedded directly into a dedicated tab that alternates with the detailed product description on the product page, but the tab can also be launched via a video play button at the top of the page – Double whammy!

JewelBasket uses a Treepodia video template with custom narration and has the website’s logo as both an intro and outro slide, allowing the video to be syndicated to video portals such as Youtube and Metacafe. video video

The Icing on the Cake

No presentation of online jewelry vendors utilizing video would be complete without a mention of category leader This top online jewelry retailer is one of our earliest and most supportive clients.

Here too the video player is seamlessly incorporated into the page by sharing the same space as the product image. This really is a particularly effective, and smart deployment that we strongly recommend to clients.