eBay, Adwords and the Guarantee of ROI

Recently the ecommerce community has been buzzing about the study eBay released regarding the ROI, or lack-of, that they’re seeing from their Adwords spend.

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics


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Pundits have weighed in on both sides, arguing and providing proof and evidence in favor and against Adwords. It’s one of those cases that brings to mind the quip attributed to the 19th-century British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli:

There are three kinds of lies:
lies, damned lies, and statistics.

Whatever the facts maybe I’m quite sure the good people at eBay were aware of the PR implications announcing the study results would have, and I imagine someone there is quite pleased right now with all the resulting hubbub.

Your ROI

I am however very pleased to see a major player reminding us all that any kind of marketing spend should me monitored for Return On Investment, and judged primarily on that basis.

Unlike the good folks at Adwords it’s a principle we live by quite  literally, because we guarantee our clients a 4x ROI.

As far as I know we’re pretty much the only video/ecommerce/marketing service that provide this type of promise.

The Treepodia 4XROI Guarantee

The terms are simple:

  • Our 4X ROI Guarantee means that the additional sales you will generate thanks to Treepodia’s ecommerce video platform will be at least 4 times higher than your monthly payment for the video service.
  • Calculation of the Guarantee index is based on having a control group in place, i.e. a certain percentage of your shoppers who will not be able to view video on the product page so we can truly assess the performance of your site and the impact of videos.
  • In order to maximize the added value of your video service we will make changes/additions to your video, as required.
  • In the rare case that the ROI Guarantee is not met you will be credited to your MyTreepodia account.
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