Happy Feet! – Product Videos for Online Shoe Retailers

Occasionally we like taking a look at the paradigms of product video by focusing on a particular e-tail sector, and how it has been adopting and using product videos. This week, we chose to take a look at footwear. Online shoe shops come in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of whether you see shoes as little more than a necessary form of protection for your feet, or as the ultimate way to express what a special snowflake you are, somewhere online there’s a shoe vendor that is simply perfect for you. Interestingly one of the most web’s most successful retailers, Zappos.com, is a shoe shop (and one that has done a lot by way of adopting video)

Making Shoe’s Shine with Video

Let’s dive right in and see the different ways shoe e-commerces implement Treepodia’s video platform.


Integrated video player replaces main product imageShoeDeal.de is a German discount shoe e-store that focuses on serving the deal-hunting market. Here you can witness how seamlessly Treepodia video platform was woven into a typical product page on Shoe Deal.

The buyer gets multiple views of the footwear with the product’s main features highlighted in bullet-form throughout.

Since Treepodia’s product videos are created by pulling the product content already presented on the page, the system lends itself very well to creating video content in any language (in this example – German).

Video player embedded right onto the product page

Video player embedded right onto the product page


Quickly hopping nearly half way across the globe we find ourselves in Oklahoma, home-state of Langston’s, an e-commerce website that provides niche Western Fashion for both men and women.

Naturally among Langston’s most popular product offerings are their lines of cowboy (and cowgirl) boots.

In this example you can see how Treepodia’s product video is directly embedded into the product page, offering a dynamic, and fully branded product presentation based on a custom video template created especially for them.


Robert Wayne embeds their product video player in a tab

Robert Wayne embeds their product video player in a tab

Over the past quarter century Robert Wayne has evolved from just one shop in the trendy Melrose area of LA, into a chain with over seventy five shops all across the United States, with a strong e-commerce presence as well. Robert Wayne focuses mainly on proven fashion footwear brands such as Dr. Martens, Converse and Puma.

Insofar as product videos are concerned this e-tailer makes prominent use of customized messages inside the videos to, for example, assure customers regarding the safety of online shopping.


In all of these examples, you can see how unobtrusive Treepodia video looks on a product page. It becomes an integral part of your online store and the preferred way of taking a closer look at a product by consumers.

These are just a select few that demonstrate how well our product video platform agrees well with different online shoe stores. And you know what they say, if the shoe fits….