Product Video – Feel the Urgency!

Earlier today I was browsing the web looking out for the latest and greatest posts about the state of Ecommerce and Video on the web. I bumped into a really nice post by Jason Lawrence of Practical Ecommerce, where he basically advocates learning Product Demonstration from infomercial producers. It’s a cool article, and provides some interesting stats that make a very good point on the value of learning product video demonstration from that particular crowd.

The Passage of Time

No reason to take your time

Do Your Suppliers Have Video Content Already?

Jason also makes good points about content creation, and keeping a finger to the technological pulse so that new opportunities like AR don’t slip you by, however I think the most important point he makes, and the one with relevance for the largest portion of ecommerce vendors out there, is that it’s a good idea to check whether suppliers have video content already available for distributor’s to use on their websites.

Why You Want to Push Video Out Today

The reality is the credibility and sales benefits for including video in a product’s online presentation are so massive, that the earlier you incorporate them into your site, the better. Using our platforms built in A/B testing system we’ve found browsers tend to buy more from video enhanced product pages, even when they DON’T ACTUALLY WATCH THE VIDEO!

Need more?

In 2010 we conducted a study with our fashion retailer clients and found that video increased CVR by 134% on average for all the clients surveyed.

Don’t Get Lazy!

This isn’t to say that you should be satisfied with slapping video anywhere on the site and be done with it.

Absolutely not!

Our best case studies are with clients who spent time gradually tweaking and improving content, presentation and template through a meticulous process of repeat A/B testing. It is in these instances that the largest ROI for investing in video was repeatedly achieved (thanks to these case studies we developed our 4 X ROI guarantee policy).

The Faster You Have ANY Video,
The Faster You Can Make a Better One…

Achieving good roi on video requires dedication, but is relatively easy to do. The sooner you get that first video out the door, be it a supplier video, UGC, an independent production, or automated video such as we provide, the better of you are  because the sooner you have that as a benchmark , the faster you can use it to measure success for later improvements…

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