Product Video Goes Outdoors, Sales Go Indoors

Throats around the northern hemisphere are letting out sighs of relief, joining into a collective cheer: Yes! Spring has arrived!

This means longer days, better weather, spending time outdoors and getting back into a more intense sports routines for many.

It also means sports and hobby e-commerce stores need to start thinking about shifting away from winter sales and promotions, and start planning for the influx of interest and sales that spring brings to this sector. New trainers, tracksuits, bikes, helmets, roller skates, tents, fishing tackle, … suddenly sports and outdoor gear jump up several places on shoppers priorities as they start visiting sports & hobby stores again.

Right about now is when online stores typically spruce up their websites, stock up on the latest gear and sportswear and look for exciting new ways to present their offerings. This is a great opportunity to finally make the move into product video.

Here are a number of sports & hobby e-tailers who have chosen to integrate Treepodia’s ecommerce video platform into their websites


holabirdHollabirdSports is a Maryland-based sports e-commerce with a wide variety of product groups: men’s and women’s sports footwear and apparel, children’s sports footwear and apparel, tennis, running, squash, raquetball, and accessories.

Hollabird uses Treepodia product video platform on a number of product pages such as the one above – the video comes up in a pop-up which focuses the attention of the buyer to the flashy and informative video and really helps make the sale.


Fitness club


For many, the spring is the time to shed those winter-induced love handles, get toned and generally become more physically active. Off to the gym they go to…

24 Fitness is a US fitness chain with locations in 15 different states. New members have the option to view the usual photo galleries and 360 degree views of the locations they’re viewing, but can also play a very attractive video through the Treepodia platform.

24 Fitness videos have custom voice-over templates, and their videos are enticing slideshows of views from the facilities. The result is credible and informative promotional videos with high production standards and lots of conversion potential.



stabiloEcommerce is a truly global phenomenon and many Treepodia clients operate in languages other than English. One such company is German megashop Stabilo. Stabilo holds a huge variety of products on its website, including a massive a section dedicated to leisure and fitness.

The screenshot shows an example of a product page where Treepodia’s product video is integrated into the page structure as one of the tabs describing the product, in this case a basketball stand.

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