The Ascent of Mobile Video II – Mcommerce

First, let’s review the most important take-away from our previous post on the rise of video on the web. Adobe’s U.S. Digital Video Benchmark explains the situation very clearly:

Mobile video consumption rose more than 10 percent during Q4 2012.

Great, but what does that mean for you?

Video Drives SEO, Being Mobile Pushes Purchases

Mobile video is more interactive than text and images. Customers engage with a website faster and more easily when you present them with video content. The sooner they’re engaged, the sooner and more likely they are to make a purchase or perform a desired action. As mentioned video also drives purchases in another way – by helping SEO efforts and driving higher rankings on search engines.

As we’ve said before, video is 53 times more likely to get a page one Google ranking. And now Google is rolling out its Universal Analytics system, which tracks the behavior of your visitors more closely. You’ll be able to see exactly how your customers interact with the video on your site. More on Universal Analytics later…

Tablets Are Replacing Smartphones in Mcommerce

Mcommerce is big and growing bigger - Are your videos ready?

Mcommerce is big and growing bigger – Are your videos ready?

Mobile commerce has become a domain of its own, which has been dubbed Mcommerce. Early adopters, the ~6% of us who are typically the first to leap to embrace new technology, used their smartphones to make online purchases. Now that trend is switching over in favor of tablet users – They’re now driving more online purchases.

According to eMarketer:

“the rapid rise in mcommerce sales on tablets means that such purchases will account for 9.4 percent of all retail ecommerce sales this year, [whereas smartphones] will contribute 5.3 percent of retail ecommerce sales this year.”


Consider how your site appears on tablet devices. True, tablet screens are larger and accommodate more content, but your video might be bumped down the page where your users can’t see it, or worse, your site can become garbled. Make sure that your engaging video content jumps out at your potential customers the moment they load the page in order to increase your conversion rate.