Youtube or Self-Hosted Best for Video SEO?

Why choose when you can go both ways?

Why choose when you can go both ways?

One of the questions you see keep popping up regarding online video is:

Where should I host?

The pundits, as always, sound off quite passionately both in favor and against the following doctrines:

  • Self host on your own server
  • Host on Youtube

Self Hosting

The Self  Host crowd, of which this recent article is a good example, typically argue that:

  • Hosting on Youtube will give you limited (if any) SEO value for your video investment.
  • Any back-links to the video will generate traffic back to Youtube, rather than to your own site.
  • Youtube is a distracting environment and users might get drawn away from your content.
  • etc.


The Youtube fans, represented here, argue convincingly that:

  • Youtube is the 2nd most popular search engine, one of the web’s most popular destinations, and as such a valuable source of inbound traffic. 
  • Setting up a Youtube Channel is easy, fast and free.
  • Youtube is an extremely reliable CDN (Content Delivery Network).
  • Etc.

For Video SEO – Do Both!

The questions that comes to mind is:

Why do i need to choose?
Can’t I have my videos on Youtube AND self hosted?

It’s precisely due to our experience with this issue, and the type of questions we were getting from our clients, that we developed of one of our platform’s most popular add-ons – the Video Distribution service.

In a nutshell what this service does is distribute the product videos generated by our platform, not only back to the original product page – granting all the benefits of self hosted video, but also to most major video portals (including Youtube), guaranteeing our clients the best of all worlds.

To learn more about our Video Distributor service click HERE

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