Effective Video Strategy – For Every Platform

Lately, we’ve been talking about mobile video as the future of video marketing and video SEO. Check out the data and the excitement around mobile video here and here. We’ve also touched upon ways to make your video compelling.

Mobile video is, indeed, the future. While the delivery system is shifting, video itself hasn’t changed all that much. There are still some tried and true techniques to make sure that your video gets viewed, shared and ranked by the web’s biggest search engines. Here are a few ideas you can try in pursuit of top-notch video SEO…

Video SEO takes hard work to be effective

Video SEO takes hard work to be effective

Effective Video SEO Ideas

  • Make your videos FUNNY – The Dollar Shave Club product video went viral with over 10 million views by publication. It was silly, funny, random, and it made people laugh. Breaking through the wall? The bear suit? The leaf-blower? Completely random and hilarious. Throw in some cute and cuddly babies or furry animals.
  • Create an EMOTIONAL video –  Dove’s emotional Real Beauty Sketches have a whopping 50+ million views after just one month. Create a narrative and/or make it personal. Someone’s love and passion for something can really get people inspired and make them want to share that inspiration with their friends.
  • Make your video SHOCKING – A shocking video will get you traffic, however it’s important to be very careful when employing this tactic. Going overboard here is easy and dangerous. With shockers you always run the risk of shooting yourself in the foot and getting negative press.
  • Be USEFUL – Some of the best product video out there built their popularity based on the simple fact that they helpfully demonstrated a process or feature that many people are interested in. There are many examples of this tactic in the beauty and skin-care department – there are quite a few Youtube channels dedicated to providing guidance and tips on various types of looks.

Behind the Scenes Work to Get Your Video Ranked

Have what you feel is an excellent video?

Great! you’re well on your way to glory, BUT you’re not yet ready to break out the champagne bottles just yet. There’s still a body of work that you need to get done:

  1. Descriptions and links – Your video won’t be floating in a vacuum – it’s going to be embedded on a web page. Make sure the page is as awesome as your video itself. Add engaging descriptions that are keyword-rich and make sharing to social media sites super easy by including share buttons etc.
  2. Meta-data and Tagging – Be sure to have your video pages properly tagged and described in order to help give context for the search engines and help with the indexing.
  3. Push distribution to the max – Raking numbers is a lot about pushing distribution hard. Don’t just put your video on your website – share it on YouTube and other video networks so that you achieve the greatest distribution possible.

SEO is about Being Meticulous and Consistent

Making the video is exciting. Watching it come to life is a great feeling of accomplishment. The nitty-gritty involved in making it a global online hit, on the other hand, gets very dull quite quickly. Success is HARD! (…that’s what makes it worthwhile). The good news is that we’re here to help, and between our automated video creation capabilities, and our powerful video syndication platform there’s a lot we can do to help you enjoy the fruits of video without having to put in ALL the hard work yourself. Contact us today to learn more…