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Are you getting your slice of the Pinterest pie?

Are you getting your slice of the Pinterest pie?

Spring is here and summer is fast approaching, and with the changing seasons many online retailers in fashion and related industries are working hard to drive more traffic and give good exposure to their new collections.

The Pinterest Power

One website increasingly valued as a source for generating quality traffic is up-and-coming social network Pinterest.

Launched as a closed beta in March 2010, the site’s growth has been phenomenally fast. It took only a year and a half to be voted by Time magazine as one of its “50 Best Websites of 2011“, and according to Nielsen in 2012 it showed the largest year-over-year increase of all the social networks in terms of both unique audience and time spent on the site.

Pinterest’s Audience is Largely Women

Interestingy, a recent study has found that not only are Pinterest users more likely to discuss issues related to possession and observation, but also the site’s audience is largely (80%) female. Both points that make it a particularly valuable source of traffic for fashion, footwear and accessory retailers.

Pinning Video

With so many of our clients being in these sectors our team has been working hard to enable retailers to drive more Pinterest traffic by adding videos to their boards. The combination of video’s high engagement rates with Pinterest’s demographic and usage patterns is a huge opportunity for fashion retailers. Giving “Pinners” videos to pin, rather than just photos, adds a whole new dimension to the level of information other users can learn about any given item.

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