New Generation, New Media, New Expectations – Is Your Video Engaging?

Today’s post started as a thought I had after encountering the following little factoid last week:

In the past year TV viewing dropped 14-15% among the 12-17 and 18-29 crowds

These are important crowds for two reasons:

  1. They represent the future of web behavior.
  2. 18-29 year olds are independent purchasers that drive entire sectors catering to their particular needs

Video – is Where the Web is Going

No one watches video like this anymore

No one watches video like this anymore

It’s important to note that these kids haven’t simply stopped watching screens. They’ve migrated. Where? Well lets just say that during the same period we know that online video views increased…

Even based on just the assertions made so far in this post it’s plain to see that anyone who can convert online videos into purchases is doing very well for themselves, and will increasingly do even better. But the shift is not just migration of viewership numbers and the resulting reallocation of marketing spend to new channels. It’s deeper, much deeper, and it relates to the very way our culture of entertainment is changing.

We’re witnessing the ascension of “New Media” pretty much right now. The problem we’re facing is primarily figuring out what, exactly, this New Media really is… and then be adept enough tie it into everything we’re already doing as part of our online marketing: Content, Social, Seo, PPC, etc

New Media in a Nutshell

Think of the now-classic images of kids and families sitting in front of the TV. Unless you’re thinking of streaming on-demand television, this image has become basically antiquated.

Even simply viewing videos online is no longer a passive activity. People expect to be able to share, rate, comment and discuss the content they’re seeing. Being the first to discover and share interesting or exciting content is translated into measurable social credo in real-time. After a couple of gimmickish first stabs Hollywood blockbuster productions are  increasingly including supporting content that expands the basic movie experience and is only available via websites, apps and games.  If we could wrap up into one sentence the difference between old and new media, it might be this: Media is evolving away from the perception of seeing the viewing audience as passive, into a new perception where viewers are active and constant participants.

Old media was all about “watch this”

New media is all about “join this”

How to Exploit New Media for Excellent Video SEO

So now that we know who’s watching you, and what they’re expecting from the experience, it’s time to ask yourself how you measure up to their expectations?

  • Are you offering engaging video on your website?
  • Is it cool enough to get people to hit that ‘share’ button?

Here at Treepodia we’ve done a lot to facilitate the social aspects of online video by including ‘share’ buttons directly in our player, and by the recent tweak of our code to ensure your videos show up preview thumbnails whenever they’re shared. Making the content cool and engaging is up to you…