New Pinterest Features Mean More Video and Better Business

Recently our VP of Marketing, Dr. Melody King shared a great tip about how it’s now possible to upload your product video content on Pinterest – Great news for those of us keeping up to date with Pinterest’s latest features (and if you’re not on Pinterest yet, now’s the time to get cracking – the site is a major driver of traffic to ecommerce sites).

Video Gets Business

The meat of Dr. King’s post deserves special attention:

“Videos can offer a more powerful impression of a brand or a product that a static image can, and your videos will gain greater viral reach reach via Pinterest’s growing audience. Also, they are indexed by the major search engines, giving them even more exposure.”

At Treepodia, we’ve always held that video is more compelling than images, and as the web and video continue to converge this will become increasingly self evident (not to mention that  videos are 53 times more likely to get a page one Google ranking…).

Pinterest Has Become a Shopping Venue

Late last year Bitzrate published that:

69 percent of online consumers who visit Pinterest have found an item they’ve purchased or wanted to purchase as compared to only 40 percent of online consumers who visit Facebook.”

Pinterest Rich PinsNow let’s add this tasty fact – Pinterest has added Rich Pins to their lineup, allowing shop owners to display the product price and to link back to their shop.

Product Video Workflow

Before you can share your videos on Pinterest, you need to have those videos in the first place.

There are a host of new smartphone apps you can use to create video making it easier to create product videos on the fly, however for efficiency and scale nothing beats full scale product video automation.

Treepodia’s automated video production enables online retailers to cover their entire product catalog with dynamic product videos instantaneously.

Now that your videos are ready, it’s time to syndicate. Add them to Pinterest with Rich Pins to get the most out of your social media presence.