Product Video Insights on Camera at IRCE 2013, Shared by Our Very Own Dr. Melody King

As you may recall earlier this month we participated at IRCE 2013. Our very own VP of Marketing, Dr. Melody King was interviewed by Tim Parry of Multichannel Merchant about video’s importance for online sales:

the highlights are:

Video makes user’s lives easier

Users find videos to be a much easier way to learn about products than reading through descriptions, reviews, etc. Rather than having to deal with an overload of information presented on a typical product page, with video a user can sit back, relax, and view passively.

Don’t fret over your video’s source as long as it’s useful

Google’s algorithms aren’t yet sophisticated enough to actually make out the production source of the video, so as long as the content is engaging and will be useful to users it’s a clear win regardless of whether it’s produced in-house, received from a supplier as part of the marketing collateral supporting the product, or even is user generated (i.e. reviews etc.)

Caption, caption, caption!

A/B testing we’ve run with our clients has repeatedly shown visual text and captions in the body of a video can increase conversion rates quite significantly, yet surprisingly many costly production grade videos are still missing out on this opportunity.

Include reviews

If at all possible vendors should aim to include positive customer reviews into their videos. This form of third party validation has also been proven to be very persuasive and help boost conversion rates.

Videos and showrooming

Brick and mortar establishments affected by ‘showrooming‘ (the practice of checking a product out in the shop, but opting to buy online for the cheaper prices) are increasingly setting up displays of their online sites within their physical shops. Having product videos available for display in that environment really ads to the presentation.

Post your videos to Pinterest

Online retailers who haven’t yet taken heed of Pinterest should really step up their game as this relative newcomer is driving more traffic to ecommerce sites than Google+, Facebook and Linkedin COMBINED. Pinterest enables video uploads but not many people are aware of this yet, so it’s a really huge opportunity for the early adopter crowd.

Ping Bing

Another opportunity overlooked by many is Bing which is quietly but steadily gaining market share. It’s still a technical challenge submitting a video sitemap to Bing, however those merchants who take the trouble to email in their video sitemap will find it to be a relatively virgin territory. Dr. King wrote an in depth post about Bing and videos¬†for last month. Be sure to check it out…

You can still be video-ready for the holiday season rush

Ecommerce vendors still have time to boost their product pages with video for the coming season (Note – If you;d like to have your site featuring videos for each of your product pages within hours contact us now)