Local Video SEO – Attract Local Customers Automagically

Google Maps was always integrated with a search function. You can search street locations and intersections and you can also search for a particular store and find its address. You probably noticed that Google Maps began appearing at the top right corner of your search results, as shown. That’s local SEO, and Google and other search engines are just getting warmed up in that department…

Local SEO Is a Big Next Step for Search Engines

Local SEO - Google Maps in Search Results

Local SEO increasingly figures into search engine results pages (SERP)

As search engines increasingly try to deliver personalized results to their customers, businesses need to consider local SEO for their own purposes.

Classic SEO tactics are still relevant to local SEO. You want to rank on the first page of search engine results pages (SERP), and that means relevant titles, tags, and meta information related to your product and business.

Beyond that, there are concerns and tactics that are particular to local SEO such as local directory listings (Yelp, etc.), including yourself on Google maps, etc…

Make Your Content More Compelling with Video

Images are an essential component for every website. Don’t neglect them. Compared to images, however, video drives search engine rankings far higher. At Treepodia, we expect videos to become an ever-increasing component to search engine rankings, whether it’s local SEO or global searches.

Beyond the inherent SEO value to video, it’s also a great opportunity to connect with your clients. You might create an introductory video for your landing page in which you warmly greet them – Now they fell they’ve met you before even setting foot into your store! Creating videos for each of your products is a compelling marketing proposition as well, and with the widespread availability of video capable smartphones, is easily feasible even from smaller retailers.

Automate Your Videos

If you’re selling hundreds of items, or need to update the details of your available inventory often, the DIY method for video becomes pretty much impossible to rely on. The simple reality is that the time/cost involved is an insurmountable barrier. It’s here that Treepodia’s automated product video platform comes into play. With Treepodia’s solution installed on your site you will have automatically generated and updated videos for each and every one of your products, no matter how large your inventory, or how often it’s updated.