Video SEO Is the New Link Building

Search Engine Journal confirms the new SEO mantra: content marketing is the new link building. In the recent past, being on the first page of a search engine results page (SERP) meant you needed healthy and relevant links. Other pages – preferably with high SERP rankings themselves – had to link to your website (inbound links). This, in addition to some other SEO tricks, would achieve those first-page rankings that everyone on the web craves.

Developing SEO-Rich Video

Video SEO the Hard Way

You could tackle your video SEO the hard (and expensive) way…

Link building is still very important, but it’s no longer at the top of SEO lists. It’s been replaced by content marketing, largely driven by video SEO. Taking this as a starting point, the way forward is to develop numerous videos with relevant SEO properties and to place them on your website.

Again, Search Engine Journal comes to the rescue with a good video production plan. Here are the steps they recommend:

A) Create 4 video blogs per week using an industry expert (i.e., small business owner)
B) Keep production time under 30 minutes per video
C) Use transcriptions to maximize SEO value
D) Implement best-practice onsite SEO mark-up from
E) Create useful content by answering common questions
F) Keep costs as low as possible

They go on to provide a highly-structured game plan for executing your video SEO strategy. This serves as an excellent guideline for producing high-quality video SEO. On the other hand, it’s very time-consuming and, depending on your equipment, potentially very expensive…

Bypass Time-Intensive Video Production with Automated Video

Treepodia understood the importance of video SEO many years ago and anticipated the trend. Treepodia knew that video is 53x more likely to achieve first-page search engine results, which is why we developed automated video SEO.

Let’s say you operate an e-commerce site. Treepodia’s automated video platform will pull the details directly from your product catalog and plug them into a video that is automatically generated. You immediately have as many videos as you have products. Moreover, they are already tweaked for SEO so that you rank high on search engines.



Photo Credit: ZapTheDingbat via Compfight cc